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The “Who Done It?” Mystery of Iniquity!

Simple Truth To understand what the mystery of iniquity is then it is best to look into the words themselves and particularly the words “mystery” and “iniquity.” Looking into these words can be like looking into a crystal ball or … Continue reading

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The Handwriting On The Wall!

  The amount of what you might call party animals that you see and even hear of these days is quite staggering, especially in this part of the world in the UK. You just see so many people just rolling … Continue reading

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How Reliable Are the Prophets?

Simple Truth An interesting situation arose with Moses and his brother Aaron and his sister Miriam in that Aaron and Miriam thought they knew better than Moses and even started to speak against him. Moses of course was the man … Continue reading

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Only in Dreams!

Simple Truth Only in dreams is a good title for a song as Roy Orbison well knew, the brilliance of Roy Orbison is that he sang from the heart and whether you liked his style of singing or not you … Continue reading

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“Walking on the Sunny Side of the Street” 🌻🌻🌻

Simple Truth St John was a man who walked with Jesus and he walked in the light as He, Jesus, is in the light and so he said, “…if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, … Continue reading

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Building With Gold, Silver, and Precious stones, on the TRUE Foundation! – 1 Corinthians Chapter 3 verses 11-15

Simple Truth In life we always find ourselves running to the next refuge from the storm. St Paul came up with an interesting point of view along these lines, he said words to the effect that, “Every man’s work shall … Continue reading

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Gail Riplinger: New Age Bible Versions

Version comparison charts: NIV, NASB et al. TRACT EXCERTS. NKJV Comparison Chart.

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