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Healing the Broken hearted and Setting the Captives Free!

Simple Truth When you look back at the days when Jesus first stepped onto the world stage then you could say that some people were ripe and ready for His message that He was preaching though of course there were … Continue reading

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Nothing happens without God’s Will, especially to His child whom He loves!

Nothing “bad” happens to a Christian without some spiritual cause, it’s always for a good reason, to teach us something or because of our own sins, faults, mistakes, neglects or disobediences! The Lord is in control! Nothing happens without His permission … Continue reading

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The Great Confusion and the Great Harvesting!

In the spring of 1965, Virginia Brandt Berg received the famous “Warning Prophecy” of the GREAT CONFUSION and it’s author which was to arise out of Egypt: Simple Truth It was prophesied years ago that there would come a time … Continue reading

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Loneliness and the Image of the Beast!

Simple Truth What people need to ask themselves is: are they reaching for another person when they go on the Internet or are they reaching for the image of the beast? In a lot of ways the image of the … Continue reading

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Bring Back That Loving Feeling!

Simple Truth Outside of absolute faith in God, everyone believe it or not has been given a measure of God’s love. Most people don’t recognise that this loving feeling that they often get has been God’s love all along, they … Continue reading

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Simple Truth God’s angels are all around us and they are closer than we think. The interesting thing about angels is that they walk and move in a strong presence of God and it’s a strange life for Christians because … Continue reading

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