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Like the Angels – Neither Married Nor Given in Marriage!

Simple Truth Jesus said, or as good as said, we will one day be like the angels in heaven, He said that the angels in heaven are neither married or are given in marriage. He spoke these words to the … Continue reading

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Falling in Love!

  Simple Truth There was once a woman who just loved falling in love but no matter how much she fell in love she could never find enough love. She loved everything love had to offer, or a least she … Continue reading

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“Male & Female” Created He Them!

Simple Truth Everything physical is an illustration of something spiritual and one of the greatest illustrations of something spiritual is the creation of both a man and a woman. Both man and woman were created in the image of God, … Continue reading

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Mystery Babylon the Great

Simple Truth Most of us have the idea fixed in our heads that it’s the politicians who rule or are in charge of this world. From birth to the grave we all see them on the television, in the newspapers … Continue reading

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Walking Circumspectly Online – Surfing the World Wide Web!

Simple Truth St Paul was a man who gave people wise advice. Whether you believe in God or not, you would surely have to agree that some of the advice that has been written down by the saints of old … Continue reading

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The Erotic Nature of the Song of Solomon

I came across this video and couldn’t help admiring this guy for broaching the taboo subject of sex and the erotic language that can be found in the Song of Solomon that most Christians will shy away from and the … Continue reading

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