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A More Compassionate “Great White Throne Judgement”

Simple Truth Most people have wondered where they will go when they die but as a rule most people don’t look into this subject, most probably because it’s too scary for them and as a result of this people are … Continue reading

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Man’s greatest need is Love, & Love is God’s great answer!

Man is the same the World over, He just needs love, he needs to be shown love & proven love. Most people are searching for real love but they can’t find it. They know it must exist, they have the … Continue reading

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Where Do People Go When They Die?

Simple Truth Most people are ill prepared for death because as a rule most people put such thoughts out of their minds and if you are at the young end of the spectrum then you tend to think that death … Continue reading

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Who is Israel?

Simple Truth The interesting thing about names is that names have special meanings and sometimes people are given new names because you could say that their role in life has changed and this appears to be the case with a … Continue reading

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True Salvation

  Simple Truth There comes a time in many people’s lives when they have a real spiritual sense of a spiritual knock on the door of their heart and with such people their whole lives have led up to that … Continue reading

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Love from a Broken Heart

  Simple Truth It was a great poet (Percy Bysshe Shelly) that once said “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.” There are millions of songs that have come out of broken hearts and these songs are … Continue reading

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Instrument of your peace – Prayer of St Francis of Assisi


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