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Coming Here to Grow and to Learn and to be “Born Again!”

  Simple Truth We all came here to this earth to grow and to learn and a lot of us will eventually be born again, if we aren’t already! Everything that happens to us from the time that we are … Continue reading

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The “Who Done It?” Mystery of Iniquity!

Simple Truth To understand what the mystery of iniquity is then it is best to look into the words themselves and particularly the words “mystery” and “iniquity.” Looking into these words can be like looking into a crystal ball or … Continue reading

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Falling in Love!

  Simple Truth There was once a woman who just loved falling in love but no matter how much she fell in love she could never find enough love. She loved everything love had to offer, or a least she … Continue reading

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The Book of Your Life, The Book of Life, & The Afterlife!

Simple Truth If you were to view your life as being a book, then you would say that from the moment you are born here your book would have been opened and everything you do in your life would from … Continue reading

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“Walking on the Sunny Side of the Street” 🌻🌻🌻

Simple Truth St John was a man who walked with Jesus and he walked in the light as He, Jesus, is in the light and so he said, “…if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, … Continue reading

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Revelation Chapter 13 – Part 3 of 8 – War In Heaven And The Rise Of The Antichrist!

See also Part 1   Part 2  

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Building With Gold, Silver, and Precious stones, on the TRUE Foundation! – 1 Corinthians Chapter 3 verses 11-15

Simple Truth In life we always find ourselves running to the next refuge from the storm. St Paul came up with an interesting point of view along these lines, he said words to the effect that, “Every man’s work shall … Continue reading

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