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“Wonderful Things Can Happen in Those Moments of Time when you ‘Hold On’ and Don’t Let Go!”

Simple Truth Positivity can be a sharp two-edged-sword so we really do have to stay positive and positivity can be likened to a prayer because it is a prayer without end and one wise man once said that we should … Continue reading

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All Things Work Together for Your Good!


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Hearing from God, Feeling from God, Falling in Love

  Simple Truth Hearing from God is largely feeling from God because God is a very feeling and passionate God and of course the very embodiment of God is Jesus Himself and so when we are hearing and feeling from … Continue reading

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Loneliness and Colliding Worlds!

  Simple Truth It is so sad for so many millions and even billions of people here that the safest haven they will have ever known was that of the womb and of course you do wonder if even in … Continue reading

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Diligent LOVE and the Game of LIFE!

Simple Truth Diligent love is a highly attentive love because true love is more attentive to the needs of others than it is to the needs of oneself so diligent love is also a team spirited love and a highly … Continue reading

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Falling in Love – Only YOU!

Simple Truth It’s interesting that someone coined the phrase “falling in love.” It’s not always clear what they had in mind or how the phrase “falling in Love” came into being so when you think about the phrase, you find … Continue reading

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“Forest Fires Online”

Simple Truth Some of these forests have been growing for years and even for hundreds of years and some of them look pretty grand with their lovely tall trees and dense woodland and with all of that wildlife in there … Continue reading

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