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“Battle Hymn of the Republic 2015”

Some artists are compelled to produce art because that’s what they do naturally. Others are compelled to bring their art into form when they are called upon by inner or outer circumstances. I think I would fall into this latter … Continue reading

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Chemtrails – The Spirit That Now Worketh In The Children Of Disobedience

There is a great project going on in OUR skies these days. This great project has been initiated by Lucifer himself and friends that have joined with him. There are people on this earth who choose to believe that they have … Continue reading

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The Report from Iron Mountain – A Blueprint for Tyranny

In 1967, a major publisher, The Dial Press, released The Report from Iron Mountain. It was  claimed to be a suppressed, secret government report, written by a commission of scholars, known as the “Special Study Group”, set up in 1963. … Continue reading

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