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Babylon USA – Full Movie

We don’t agree with everything that Steven Anderson stands for as he tends to be something of a hellfire preacher but credit where credit is due he has done a very good job with this movie so judge for yourself. … Continue reading

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“Cain,Tubal Cain, Mystery Babylon & The Image of the Beast”

Simple Truth The first city ever built on this earth was built by Cain. Cain was a self-righteous religionist, he was materialistic, highly competitive, he worshipped the works of his own hands and was also a murderer. Cain in a … Continue reading

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New Age’s Influence In The Church

Roberta Morrison-Gilbert teaches on the strategic long-term influence and infiltration of the New Age in the Church. There has never been more of a time for each and every Christian to read the Bible for themselves, testing what is coming … Continue reading

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Don’t Drink The Kool-aid! – Roberta Morrison

Simple Truth We very rarely listen to anyone that stands behind a pulpit, by listen we mean actually listen, the danger is of course that they suck you in to their particular denomination or way of seeing things and all … Continue reading

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Great Signs from Heaven and a Premature New World Order!

Simple Truth There is much talk these days of a New World Order when the actual fact of the matter is that we do actually need a New World Order. Even in the Bible it talks of a kind of … Continue reading

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A Mystical Experience or a Spiritual Experience?

Simple Truth You get the impression these days that people seem to confuse the word mystical with the word spiritual, the word mystical seems to suggest a more universal experience in that somehow or other you can get into some … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: The Secret Agenda Exposed (R$E)

Simple Truth PARADIGM SHIFT Everyone would surely agree that we are living in very interesting times, particularly if you can step out of the whole picture. Stepping out of the whole picture isn’t always easy as you might still have … Continue reading

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