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Jesus and the Saints Return!

Simple Truth People might consider looking into ancient text as being some dumb old stale old pointless exercise and sometimes even people who do look into ancient text might find themselves thinking and feeling the same but when you consider … Continue reading

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Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal!

God’s Word is always a comfort and the Voice of His Spirit is always an encouragement in the hour of greatest trial. The Bible says, “The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory … Continue reading

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A Mystical Experience or a Spiritual Experience?

Simple Truth You get the impression these days that people seem to confuse the word mystical with the word spiritual, the word mystical seems to suggest a more universal experience in that somehow or other you can get into some … Continue reading

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Naked Came I into This World and Naked Shall I Return!

Simple Truth Not many people have heard of the story of Job but in short, Job was a man who found himself stripped of everything that this world has to offer including his health, Job was so stripped of everything … Continue reading

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Exploring the Resurrection!

Simple Truth If you are looking into the resurrection, then you could say that you are looking into the possibility of one day being restored back to full health and life and more. We all know that one way or … Continue reading

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Who are the “Hundred and Forty and Four Thousand” in the book of Revelation?

Simple Truth In the book of Revelation, it talks about a hundred and forty and four thousand of the tribes of the children of Israel. There were twelve tribes in the children of Israel and from each of these twelve … Continue reading

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What does it mean to have “Everlasting Life?”

Simple Truth A lot of people might arrive at the conclusion that we are going to live forever; they might figure out through reading books etc. or simply by hearsay that we have a spirit, that we are both body … Continue reading

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