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Where Do People Go When They Die?

Simple Truth Most people are ill prepared for death because as a rule most people put such thoughts out of their minds and if you are at the young end of the spectrum then you tend to think that death … Continue reading

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The “Light” is the “Life” is the “Love”

Simple Truth Everybody has heard of the term “seeing the light” and everybody has heard of people who have seen the light but what do people mean when they talk about seeing the light and what are they actually seeing? … Continue reading

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The 1988 Original Testimony of Ian McCormack’s Near Death Experience

Simple Truth Few people come over as believable these days but a lot of us really do need to hear from people who are actually telling the truth and in a lot of ways you go by the countenance of … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Thompson was a successful career driver lawyer that worked long hours and dealt with a lot of very difficult and stressful situations but the fast pace, long hours, and the constant stress of work eventually paid its toll on … Continue reading

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