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The “Light” is the “Life” is the “Love”

Simple Truth Everybody has heard of the term “seeing the light” and everybody has heard of people who have seen the light but what do people mean when they talk about seeing the light and what are they actually seeing? … Continue reading

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“Finding Love at the Well!”

Simple Truth Everyone is looking for true love and it could also be said that everyone is looking for Mr Right or Mrs Right and in a lot of ways people might find themselves being like a salmon who swims … Continue reading

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What does it mean to have “Everlasting Life?”

Simple Truth A lot of people might arrive at the conclusion that we are going to live forever; they might figure out through reading books etc. or simply by hearsay that we have a spirit, that we are both body … Continue reading

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Meat, a Miracle, or a Fish Sandwich?

  Simple Truth It must have been quite a fascinating world back in the days of Jesus, suddenly this miracle man was being talked about far and wide which must have aroused quite an interest in all kinds of people, … Continue reading

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Peace! – In The Midst Of A Storm

Have you ever been in a big storm, a powerful hurricane, earthquake or typhoon? Were you afraid or scared or worried? Well, most people are when caught in such storms because they never know if they’re going to get blown … Continue reading

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A Discussion About Salvation

Salvation (1/3) – Grace VS Works Salvation is very simple. There is nothing you can do earn it or work for it, it is a free gift of God. The natural result of receiving this gift is having a love … Continue reading

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