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The Donkey and the Carrot – False Prophets & False Hope!

  Simple Truth We heard one of these so-called prophets the other day spouting out his delusional doctrines for the last days telling his followers and the rest of us that we should follow his delusional messages, visions, and visitations, … Continue reading

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The Emergent Church and the New Age – Take Heed Lest Any Man Deceive You!

Rarely these days do you come across a person that you can actually sit up and listen to so whether you choose to believe this woman or not there is one sure fact that will remain and that fact being … Continue reading

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A Message from Jeremiah!

Simple Truth In Jeremiah’s day false prophets were rife and Jesus said it would be the same in our day and so He said, “…Take heed that no man deceive you” (Matthew 24:4). St Paul also recognised the problem in … Continue reading

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Seeing Jesus!

Simple Truth In a lot of ways, you do find yourself wondering if the church (Christians) would be better off under Moses these days. That might sound like a kind of reversal of situations in that the Law was given … Continue reading

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