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Characteristics and Features of the Antichrist!

Simple Truth The buzz word since the crash of 2008 has always been austerity and so austerity became a main feature of different societies, this meant that everybody accepted that they had to cut back and pay more taxes in … Continue reading

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The Name of Blasphemy and the Great Confused One

Simple Truth In the book of Revelation, it talks of a beast “that was, and is not, and yet is” (Revelation 17:8). It also talks of the people that dwell on the earth saying that when they behold the beast … Continue reading

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Turn Your Eyes Towards Memphis (Egypt) for out of it will come The Great Confusion – Warning Prophecy!!!

Simple Truth If I was an archaeologist and found myself digging deep into the past as archaeologists do, then I would surely find myself in a state of shock and awe if I were to discover the above prophecy (in … Continue reading

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To Be Forewarned Is To Be Forearmed!

 Simple Truth| Here is a good enough warning – this video was posted on YouTube in 2014. What I was looking for here myself was not a talented speaker and not necessarily an educated speaker but simply a speaker that was … Continue reading

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So Sudden Will Be The Great Confusion!

  Simple Truth| In a world where all the world is but a stage just who do you listen to anymore? Most of us do our best to understand the world around us and we all, for whatever reasons, try to … Continue reading

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