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Jerusalem, A Burdensome Stone, and Christmas!

Simple Truth Looking at the land of Israel and anything to do with Israel historically, it has always been classified as a Holy Land. The word “holy” according to the dictionary can mean “separated”, so it seems fair to say … Continue reading

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The True Ruler in Israel!

Simple Truth By now everyone recognises that all the troubles in the land of Israel have their roots in religion, so looking at this whole thing historically, a man called Abraham was told that his children would one day inherit … Continue reading

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Confirming “The Covenant” and the Middle East!

Simple Truth The problems in the Middle East just seem to go on and on and on and we all wonder just what the solution is and what it is that they really want out there in Israel. What they … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: The Secret Agenda Exposed (R$E)

Simple Truth PARADIGM SHIFT Everyone would surely agree that we are living in very interesting times, particularly if you can step out of the whole picture. Stepping out of the whole picture isn’t always easy as you might still have … Continue reading

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A House Divided Cannot Stand!

Simple Truth There is a serious theme running through a lot of people’s lives these days, it comes into politics at the very top and even into politics at the very bottom of that top, it even comes into the … Continue reading

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“Has the Hating of the Whore Already Begun?”

Simple Truth I suppose when you look at the elitists then you get the picture that they have the wider picture of everything but the real truth of the matter is that it is the Christians that have the wider … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Spiritual Side Influenced by a 33° Freemason

Know that no candidate can stop the path we are headed. Sad that freemasons are literally sewn into the fabric of all world leaders and businessmen.

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