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Like the Angels – Neither Married Nor Given in Marriage!

Simple Truth Jesus said, or as good as said, we will one day be like the angels in heaven, He said that the angels in heaven are neither married or are given in marriage. He spoke these words to the … Continue reading

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Crying Out to God!

Simple Truth Our best prayers are answered when we abandon all and cry out to God with all of our heart. Crying out to God is like becoming a little baby or a little child all over again! Most people … Continue reading

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Hearing from God, Feeling from God, Falling in Love

  Simple Truth Hearing from God is largely feeling from God because God is a very feeling and passionate God and of course the very embodiment of God is Jesus Himself and so when we are hearing and feeling from … Continue reading

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Beautiful and Loveless!

Simple Truth When you look at a lot of girls these days it’s almost as if they are wearing a mask and in fact, you’d have to say that a lot of them are wearing a mask. They learn to … Continue reading

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“Hearing from God!”

Simple Truth There are lots of people saying that they have heard from God or they are hearing from God but then you ask yourself “what do they hear? Do they actually hear an audible voice speaking to them?” From … Continue reading

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A Mixed Christmas!

Simple Truth Christmas has become a mixed state of affairs as we all know and everyone for all kinds of reasons you could say gets on the bandwagon of Christmas and different people read different things into the great celebration. … Continue reading

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Awake to Righteousness and Sin No More!

Simple Truth The best thing any of us can ever do and that is to awake to righteousness and sin no more. Nebuchadnezzar was a man, or better said, a king, who kind of awoke to righteousness but the problem … Continue reading

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