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Simple Truth God’s angels are all around us and they are closer than we think. The interesting thing about angels is that they walk and move in a strong presence of God and it’s a strange life for Christians because … Continue reading

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The Angel Gabriel

Simple Truth The angel Gabriel makes his first appearance in the bible in the book of Daniel chapter 8 during the third year of the reign of King Belshazzar, he is often referred to as being an Archangel, this simply … Continue reading

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Spiritual Reality!

Simple Truth All over the Internet and on YouTube there are all these people saying that they are getting into the spiritual, whether they are seeing visions, hearing voices, Astral travelling, receiving prophetic messages, having dreams, teleporting, trans-relocating, spirit travelling, … Continue reading

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Where There is No Vision the People Perish and… a “Flying Roll” – Zechariah Chapter 5 – Part 1

Simple Truth Solomon in one of his proverbs said, “Where there is no vision, the people perish…” (Prov. 29:18) So if you take that literally and look at the bible as a whole then you have all of these people … Continue reading

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Like the Angels – Neither Married Nor Given in Marriage!

Simple Truth Jesus said, or as good as said, we will one day be like the angels in heaven, He said that the angels in heaven are neither married or are given in marriage. He spoke these words to the … Continue reading

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Crying Out to God!

Simple Truth Our best prayers are answered when we abandon all and cry out to God with all of our heart. Crying out to God is like becoming a little baby or a little child all over again! Most people … Continue reading

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Hearing from God, Feeling from God, Falling in Love

  Simple Truth Hearing from God is largely feeling from God because God is a very feeling and passionate God and of course the very embodiment of God is Jesus Himself and so when we are hearing and feeling from … Continue reading

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