How Reliable Are the Prophets?


Simple Truth

An interesting situation arose with Moses and his brother Aaron and his sister Miriam in that Aaron and Miriam thought they knew better than Moses and even started to speak against him. Moses of course was the man in charge back then and God would even speak to Moses mouth to mouth and not in dark speeches and so we read that God says to Aaron and Miriam in Numbers 12 verse 8 “With him will I speak mouth to mouth, even apparently (exact) and not in dark speeches (clearly); and the similitude (the same likeness) of the Lord shall he behold: wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?”
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Revelation Chapter 13 – Part 6 of 8 – The Antichrist Possessed – Even He is The Eighth!

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Heaven and Its Pleasures!


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Sometimes the sorrows, the discouragement and the disappointments of this life can weigh especially heavy on our hearts. When things just don’t work out or when we suffer personal defeats or losses, sometimes the strain of it all can make us wonder if anything we do is really worth it. Can Godly men really succeed in creating a better society in a world where evil, corruption, and Man’s selfishness seems to prevail most of the time? Well, when we are really down and discouraged the outlook doesn’t seem very bright but it is in especially trying times like these that we must continue to trust in God’s Word and His promises because, yes, a better world is coming soon! Continue reading

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Revelation Chapter 13 – Part 5 of 8 -The False Prophet!

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A Way of Escape!


Simple Truth

As we move further into the day and age that Jesus foretold of two thousand years ago then we find that it is exactly as He said in that there is great distress amongst nations with perplexity, the seas and the waves roaring and even men’s hearts failing them for fear and for looking on those things which are coming to pass. The seas and the waves roaring in this prophesy is talking about the great unrest that there is amongst the peoples of different nations and so we frequently turn on our news and see these commotions and riots and protests etc. on the news. Continue reading

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Revelation Chapter 13 – Part 4 of 8 – The Antichrist Blasts God In The Temple!

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Only in Dreams!

Simple Truth

Only in dreams is a good title for a song as Roy Orbison well knew, the brilliance of Roy Orbison is that he sang from the heart and whether you liked his style of singing or not you can’t help but be touched by the heart in his singing and you can’t help but relate to his broken heart. Everyone surely remembers the first time that they really fell in love and how their heart was so broken the day he or she said goodbye and sometimes you see people that this has happened to and they never really seem to get over it and I suppose the best cure for an old love as they say, is a new love! Continue reading

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