Spiritual Unity – Christian Unity

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Jesus Loves YOU! ❤️


Simple Truth

One of the greatest gifts ever given to mankind, if not the greatest gift, has to be the gift of love. Jesus lived a life just like you and I up until the age of thirty years of age and then His life was transformed when He was filled with the very Spirit of Love which is commonly called the Holy Spirit and from then onwards He loved more than anyone could ever love on this earth, His life was poured out from morning to night and crowds would follow Him everywhere and even when He was tired He just kept on loving, He just kept on giving till it hurt! His whole mission on earth was to give give give and love love love! Continue reading

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Fear Not


Simple Truth

Someone once said that two of the greatest causes of worry are remorse over the past and fear of the future. Another famous person said, “I’ve lived a long time and have had many worries, most of which never happened.” So whichever way you look at fear, you can’t help but acknowledge that it is a very real thing, whether it is tangible or not. And on the subject of intangible fear, a lot of our fears come from our subconscious – we’ve all gone through trying times and we’d all love to say that we are wiser after the event but all too often we are more fearful after the event because our eyes have been opened and for some people, the hard facts of life and the realities of life have hit them so hard that they can in all honesty say that if they were a tower or a building of some sort then every brick from the top to the bottom has been shaken out of place and all the cement that held those bricks together has all crumbled away! Continue reading

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Single-Mindedness of Purpose!

kayaking at sunrise, pittsburg, nh

Simple Truth

There are lots of verses in the bible that talk about getting away from it all. Jesus would often get away from it all or sometimes He would try to get away from it all and would find that He couldn’t. I imagine that one reason why He needed to get away from it all was to make sure that He didn’t get lost in it all, your mind can get pretty jumbled up if you don’t frequently stop to take stock of things, you have to frequently stop, and look, and listen. You have to stop everything, look at the whole situation or situations that you are finding yourself in and put them all under review and then you have to listen to the voice of reason, or better said, you have to listen to the voice of God. If you are thinking: How do I listen to the voice of God? – I can’t hear from God, I never have! Then don’t worry, just listen to the voice of reason, listen to the voice of your conscience, put everything under review and listen to the voice of balance, do this until you find yourself in a sound-minded state and also as having a firm grip on reality. Continue reading

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New Age’s Influence In The Church

Roberta Morrison-Gilbert teaches on the strategic long-term influence and infiltration of the New Age in the Church. There has never been more of a time for each and every Christian to read the Bible for themselves, testing what is coming from the pulpit.

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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled


Simple Truth

Most people are looking for peace though they might not realise it. Perhaps “peace” has become a corny word these days and some people might even go as far as to say that peace is boring – they’d rather have war – but then again, there’s the question of: what kind of peace are you looking for? Safety and security can give you peace but here we have the words of Jesus and He’s about to leave this world and so He’s talking to His twelve disciples, He also knows that one of them is about to betray Him and that of course doesn’t make Him feel too good but still He rises above all this and says to His disciples and to all of us because the things written down are for us all to share in too and so He says, Continue reading

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Discovering Your Inner Depths


Simple Truth

Everyone has hidden depths but the secret is often discovering those hidden depths, and you also have to ask yourself just who’s keeping it a secret? It’s as if the secret has been deliberately hidden from us all, that someone out there in the spiritual dimension doesn’t want us to discover who we really are and what we really are. And then there’s a question of all those hidden talents and discovering your true potential and living your life to the full, all of these things you could say have a lot to do with our hidden depths and who we really are. Continue reading

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