Daniel 12

WE’RE COMING NOW TO THE 12TH CHAPTER OF DANIEL & the first verse, & it reads as follows:

(VERSE 1:) “AND AT THAT TIME SHALL MICHAEL STAND UP, THE GREAT PRINCE WHICH STANDETH FOR THE CHILDREN OF THY PEOPLE.”—For whom? (Us!) At Daniel’s time, of course, he thought it was only the Jews, but he stands for God’s people, whether they be Jews or Gentiles‚ male or female, no matter what. Praise God! Dear old Daniel couldn’t have dreamed then that the Gentiles would have ever been God’s people too. So God just had to kind of veil the message, “thy people,” & of course Daniel thought it was the Jews. He probably was greatly surprised when he finally got to Heaven & found out also a lot of Gentiles are His people!

MICHAEL IS A GREAT ARCHANGEL‚ HE’S CALLED A GREAT PRINCE!—Prince of God! The Archangels are princes! But we’re going to be kings! Which is the most important, a king or a prince? (Kings.) Princes are underneath the kings. So the Angels will be doing our beck & call & at our service & doing our will, “for we shall judge Angels” & we will be in charge & they will simply be our messengers & officers just like they are for the Lord now. (1Cor.6:3) You’ll have Angels, even Archangels, big Angels to carry out the laws that you deem necessary, & you’ll even judge the Angels, think of that!

“AND THERE SHALL BE A TIME OF TROUBLE SUCH AS NEVER WAS SINCE THERE WAS A NATION EVEN TO THAT SAME TIME.”—What same time? What same time is He talking about? What did Jesus just get through saying?—A time of trouble. (The Great Tribulation.)—Yes! “Such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time”—to the time of that trouble. Jesus said there would never be a time after it like that either, thank God!

“AT THAT TIME THY PEOPLE SHALL BE DELIVERED, EVERY ONE THAT SHALL BE WRITTEN IN THE BOOK.” Thank You Jesus! God’s got a Book of all the Saved. They’re written in the Book of Life too, praise God! They’re written in Christ’s Book of Life & they’re saved & are going to be raptured.

ressurection copy(VERSE 2:) “AND MANY OF THEM THAT SLEEP IN THE DUST OF THE EARTH SHALL AWAKE.”—What’s that? When they’re sleeping in the dust of the earth & they wake up, what is it called? (The Resurrection.) “Some to everlasting life, & some to shame & everlasting contempt.”

YOU SAY‚ “WELL, I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE RAPTURE‚  HOW COME SOME PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE ASHAMED & IN CONTEMPT?” Well, how about all those church people & all those Christians that are saved but didn’t obey & do the job & go out & preach the Gospel to every creature & didn’t go out & win souls, but just sat around in churches & let the preachers tickle their ears with pretty pious pulpit platitudes & just go to church on Sunday & selfishly live for themselves & their families all the rest of the week? What do you think God’s going to do with all those Christians?—Although they believe in Jesus & have received Him as their Saviour.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 13.31.01WELL, I KNOW A LOT OF CHRISTIANS THAT ARE STILL REAL CHURCHY & NEVER DO ANYTHING FOR THE LORD except go to church on Sunday & put an offering in the pot & that’s it. What do you think God’s going to do with them? Don’t you think He’s going to save them? They’re saved. They received Jesus. Millions of them have even been baptised with the Holy Spirit amongst the Pentecostals, etc., & yet they’re not doing the job! They’re not getting out & witnessing or winning souls or being missionaries!

HOW DO YOU THINK THEY’RE GOING TO FEEL WHEN THEY WAKE UP SUDDENLY & HAVE TO FACE THE LORD? Don’t you think they’re going to be ashamed? And how do you think we’re going to feel toward them? (Ashamed.) They’ll be in contempt! And even Jesus said He would be ashamed of them!”Whosoever shall be ashamed of Me & My Words in this adulterous & sinful generation, of him also shall the Son of Man be ashamed when He cometh in the glory of His Father with the Holy Angels.”) (Mark 8:38)

DOESN’T THAT SOUND LIKE THE AVERAGE CHURCH MEMBER‚ THE AVERAGE CHRISTIAN?—Ashamed of Jesus & His Words when they’re out in public or with worldly friends, or ashamed to get out on the streets & pass tracts or ashamed to witness, ashamed to stick up for the Lord in school or at work, ashamed! Jesus said, “I’m going to be ashamed of you before the Heavenly Father & all the Holy Angels! I’m going to be ashamed of you!”

MY GOODNESS, IT SOUNDS TO ME FROM THE WAY THINGS LOOK TODAY, HE’S GOING TO BE ASHAMED OF MORE CHRISTIANS THAN HE’S GOING TO BE PROUD OF! Really! It looks to me like He’s going to be ashamed of most Christians. There are millions of nominal churchy Christians, even saved, in great Evangelical & Fundamental & Pentecostal denominations that number their members in the millions! Millions! Saved!—Even filled with the Spirit! But all they want the Spirit for is so they can babble in tongues & nothing else & then they’re satisfied.

WHAT DID JESUS SAY IN THE FIRST CHAPTER OF ACTS THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS FOR? He said‚ “Ye shall be witnesses unto Me!” When? “And ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.” For what? “And ye shall be witnesses unto Me!”—all over the World! But there are even people who have received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, & just because they talked in tongues were perfectly happy & satisfied & never do another thing for the Lord except go to church on Sunday & support the preacher. Maybe in some of those churches they do a little better job of supporting missionaries, but most don’t go as we have!

BUT ABOUT ALL MOST OF THEM DO IS JUST GO TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY & PUT A FIVER IN THE BASKET OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. They think they’re doing pretty well if they put more than a Dollar in the wastebasket. I call the church offering basket a waste basket, because 95% of it is wasted on the church buildings & the preachers & soft cushioned pews & pipe organs & air conditioning & church expenses instead of evangelising the World, which is what they were supposed to do. Most of them know enough about the Gospel already, almost too much, & too much about the Bible. Most of them have a tremendous education in the Scripture, even what little they know, certainly enough to get out & preach the Gospel!

THAT’S WHY I GOT FED UP WITH BIBLE COLLEGE ONCE, I WAS READY TO STOMP OUT & I DID! I said, “I’m sick of all this! You don’t need to know all this to go into all the World & preach the Gospel, all you need to know is John 3:16 & I’m going!”—And I did! That stupid Bible college where they were sitting around splitting theological hairs over the difference in body, soul & spirit, blah blah blah blah & all these things!

MOST OF THEIR DISCUSSION WAS ABOUT WHAT KIND OF A FINE CHURCH THEY WERE GOING TO GET & what kind of a salary they were going to get & what kind of a car & home could they afford & blah blah blah, a bunch of preacher’s candidates, ugh!—Sickening!

JESUS HIMSELF SAID, “I WOULD YE WERE HOT OR COLD!” (Rev.3:15) In other words, I would you were a saved Christian on fire & witnessing, burning for Christ, or a cold, unsaved sinner that never heard the Gospel rather than to be lukewarm! In other words, you’re just warm enough to get saved‚ just warm enough to believe in Christ & Jesus & go to church. If there was ever a word to describe the average Christian, the average church member today, it’s lukewarm! He says, “Because you are lukewarm I’ll vomit you up, I’ll throw you up, I’ll spit you out of My mouth!” That’s contempt! Think of it!

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 13.30.49(VERSE 3:) “AND THEY THAT BE WISE SHALL SHINE AS THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE FIRMAMENT!” What’s the firmament? It’s the physical heavens. And what do they shine with?—The Sun, Moon, stars & planets. And one of these days it’s going to shine with Heaven! Praise God! We’re going to shine like the stars! We’re going to shine as the brightness of the firmament!

“AND THEY THAT TURN MANY TO RIGHTEOUSNESS AS THE STARS FOREVER & EVER!” Those church people are going to look pretty dull, if you ask me. I doubt if they’ll shine at all. Maybe they might reflect a little of the glow of the Heavenly Sphere, & get out there & reflect maybe a little of the Lord’s Love & do what they failed to do for generations, by the millions, by the billions! Think of it!

BUT HE SAID OF SOME WHO THOUGHT THEY WERE SAVED, WHO THOUGHT THEY WERE RELIGIOUS LIKE  THE ORIGINAL CHILDREN OF THE KINGDOM, “WILL BE CAST OUT INTO OUTER DARKNESS. There shall be weeping & wailing & gnashing of teeth!” (Mat.8:12) The ones really saved & filled with the Spirit are going to be thankful to be There at all, even though they’re ashamed & in shame & in contempt. But there are some people who are going to be even worse off!

A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT THEY WERE SAVED & THOUGHT THEY WERE RELIGIOUS & THOUGHT THEY WERE BETTER THAN OTHER PEOPLE, AREN’T GOING TO MAKE IT!—The Scribes & the Pharisees & the hypocrites & the religious who were members of big religions & denominations who didn’t know the first thing about Jesus or the Gospel or how to be saved, but they were very religious, all kinds of religions who thought they were going to make it. And they’re going to be absolutely dumbfounded‚ shocked, amazed, surprised—that isn’t a big enough word for it—horrified!

(VERSE 4:) “BUT THOU, O, DANIEL, SHUT UP THE WORDS!” Did you ever know that God actually told a Prophet to shut up? He told Daniel to shut up! “Shut up, Daniel, because you don’t understand it anyhow!” “Even to the time of the End.” How long was it to be shut up, this Book of Daniel? (To the time of the End.) Well, is it open now? (Yes!) Now is it open to your understanding? Now are you beginning to understand it? Now aren’t these interpretations open? Daniel didn’t even understand it! The Lord told him to shut it up to the End. But now it’s open & you are being told how to understand.

WHAT’S THE TIME OF THE END LIKE?—”MANY SHALL RUN TO & FRO & KNOWLEDGE SHALL BE INCREASED!” Boy, in two little phrases that Angel really says a mouthful! “Many shall run to & fro,” & people have never travelled so much in all history! They have travelled more & gone more miles & by more means in just the past few years than they did in the previous 6,000! How about that? I wish there were some kind of stats on it, like they take these mileage stats on airlines & buses & trains‚ how many passenger miles they’ve travelled. Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 13.30.38

I’LL BET IF YOU’D TAKE THE PASSENGER MILES OF ALL THE MILES THAT ALL THE PEOPLE WHO LIVED BEFORE THIS CENTURY TRAVELLED in buggies & wagons & on horseback & camels & ships‚ & compare it to the passenger miles that the billions who live on this Earth right now have travelled in just these past years, I’ll bet it’s more than they’ve travelled in all the centuries before! “Many shall run to & fro, & knowledge shall be increased.” Man has discovered more, invented more & produced more & learned more in the past hundred years than in all the previous 6,000 years of his history! Think of it! Knowledge has increased.

(VERSE 5:) “THEN I DANIEL LOOKED‚ &‚ BEHOLD, THERE STOOD OTHER TWO”—two more‚ somebody besides the one that was talking to him apparently—”the one on this side of the bank of the river, & the other on that side of the bank of the river.” Now he sees two more Angels or helpful spirits or something. (Verse 6:) “And one said to the man clothed in linen which was upon the waters of the river.” How about that? You’ve got an Angel standing on each bank & one standing out in the middle of the river on the water! And apparently one on the bank said to the man out in the middle of the river, “How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?” And he gives a rather cryptic answer.

(VERSE 7:) “AND I HEARD THE MAN CLOTHED IN LINEN, WHICH WAS UPON THE WATERS OF THE RIVER”—SOUNDS A LITTLE BIT LIKE JESUS TO ME—”when he held up his right hand & his left hand unto Heaven, & sware by Him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time”—Hebrew word for a year—”& times”—two years—”& half a time”—half a year. How many is that? (3-1/2 years.) “And when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people”—what he? —The Antichrist. “All these things shall be finished.” He says for 3-1/2 years‚ that’s how long it’s going to be. How long shall it be to the end? Which end, you might say. Well, to the end of the Antichrist’s reign or at least to the end of the Tribulation, it will be 3-1/2 years from the midpoint of his 7-year reign. Jesus walking on water

(VERSE 8:) “AND I HEARD, BUT I UNDERSTOOD NOT: THEN SAID I, O MY LORD, WHAT SHALL BE THE END OF THESE THINGS?” He still didn’t understand! “What do you mean, Lord, what’s the end? When?” So God is patient, the Lord is merciful, what did He tell him?

(VERSE 9:) “AND HE SAID, GO THY WAY, DANIEL.”—”Get goin’‚ Daniel!”—”For the Words are closed up & sealed to the time of the End.” In other words, He was as good as telling him, “You wouldn’t understand even if I told you!” In fact, then He did tell him, but he still didn’t understand! It was “closed up & sealed to the time of the End.”

YOU’RE A PRIVILEGED GENERATION, YOU’RE PRIVILEGED CHARACTERS! You’re a very blessed people to think that you can be in this time of the End when all these things are revealed & are understood & the book is open & you know what’s going to happen! Of course this generation has a few drawbacks too, living at this time of the End. Although it’s exciting & it’s thrilling & it’s wonderful & the End is so close, you’ll have to pay a price for living in this time too‚ having to go through living in this kind of a Hell on Earth, this hellish World of today!

THE WORLD EVEN WHEN I WAS A KID IN (1930) WAS LIKE HEAVEN ON EARTH COMPARED TO THE WAY IT IS TODAY, when most people were still Godly & Christians & lived on farms, at least in my country, & were good people, & lived Godly lives under healthful conditions. Even when I was a child, it was so much then like it’s going to be in the Millennium. It was Heaven on Earth then compared to what it is today. The World has just gotten to be absolutely Hell on Earth!

SO HE SAYS AGAIN, “BUT HOW LONG LORD? WHAT SHALL BE THE END OF THESE THINGS?” The first question was, “How long shall it be?” And He answers, 3–1/2 years. Daniel says, “Well, okay, 3-1/2 years, but I don’t really understand what You’re talking about, Lord.” And the next question was, “What will be the End? What will it be?” He’s still trying to get some kind of specific answer from the Lord, even though the Lord’s told him “It doesn’t do any good to tell you, Daniel, it’s not going to happen in your day, you wouldn’t understand anyhow!” But look at the patience & the mercy of God, He knew the time was coming when you would read this & you would understand. So He finally gave him a little more information.


(VERSE 10:) “MANY SHALL BE PURIFIED & MADE WHITE & TRIED, BUT THE WICKED SHALL DO WICKEDLY.” Now, usually we apply this to the Tribulation period, & it’s true of the Tribulation. But don’t forget‚ this has been true down through generations, thousands of years of God’s people & Christians, that they’re tried & made white, purified & purged. “But the wicked shall do wickedly.” That’s true of thousands of years, right? They’ve always done wickedly. So don’t apply it only to the Tribulation, only it’s going to be worse in the Tribulation than any other time!

“BUT THE WISE SHALL UNDERSTAND!” HALLELUJAH! DID YOU EVER FIND ANYBODY ELSE THAT KNEW THIS MUCH ABOUT BIBLE PROPHECY? Did you ever find anybody else that understood as much about prophetic interpretation as we do? I’ll tell you, God said He promised that, He definitely prophesied that‚ that we would, & we do, & here it is! Praise God! And you’re doing it right now, that prophecy’s fulfilled! Praise God!

“NONE OF THE WICKED SHALL UNDERSTAND”—THANK GOD THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND! It’s a good thing they don’t really know what’s happening‚ the wicked that deserve Hell! It’s a good thing God doesn’t reveal to them all these secrets or they’d try to stop it or do something about it. He speaks in code, He speaks in cryptic language, He speaks in parables.

VERSE 11 & 12—1290 DAYS, 1335 DAYS!

BUT DANIEL GOES AHEAD. THIS TIME HE WANTS TO KNOW WHAT SHALL BE THE END. First the Angel asks how long shall it be to the End, then Daniel asks what shall be the End. Daniel still doesn’t know what He’s talking about, & he never did! He does now, though.

NOW HE’S GETTING VERY SPECIFIC! You couldn’t be more specific than to specify the actual event when a time period begins. (Verse 11:) “From the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away.” What’s that? (The Jewish sacrifices.)—The sacrificial offering on the altar before the rebuilt Temple. From the time that it shall be taken away—by whom? (The Antichrist.) “And the Abomination that maketh desolate set up.” Again, here’s Daniel using the same words that Jesus uses, how about that? “Set up in the holy place.” (Mat. 24:15) Now that couldn’t be any more clear than the setting up of the Image‚ obviously.

SO THAT’S THE SETTING UP OF THE IMAGE, WHICH IS CALLED IN DANIEL THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION, & Jesus repeats it. And who sets it up? (The Antichrist.) And it’s an Image of whom? (The Beast.) Who’s he? (The Antichrist!) It’s the Image of the Antichrist.

“WHAT SHALL THE END BE?” Well, from that exact point when the sacrificial worship is stopped there at the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem & the Antichrist’s Image is set up‚ from that point you’ll know when the End is! (You’ll have an even more specific date than you had earlier at the resumption of the Daily Sacrifice, when the Temple was finished being rebuilt & was dedicated.) (See the 2300-day prophecy of Daniel 8:13-14) This 3-1/2-year point is probably going to be a great day, they’ll probably have a great dedication, it’ll probably be on television, worldwide recognition of the Beast as god, & here’s his idol that you must fall down & worship & pray to, blah blah! It’s going to be a set day, what do you want to bet? Why else would the Lord tell you how many days there are from that moment unless you were going to know the exact day when it happened? Because then you can begin counting the days, you’ll know the exact days from then on. That’s how the end is going to be!

The Jewish year averages out to an average of 360 days per year over a period of years. And every so often, I think it was about every three years, they threw in another 13th lunar month to bring it back in line with solar years. So if you multiply 360, that nice little round even figure by 3-1/2 years, what do you get 1260 days!—Exactly what we’ve been told time & again was the 3-1/2 years! Right? It’s 3-1/2 Jewish years, 1260 days! After all, He was talking to Jews. (Rev 11:3; 12:6,14)

BUT YOU TAKE OUR PRESENT ROMAN YEAR & YOU MULTIPLY IT, 365 DAYS BY 3-1/2, & YOU GET 1277 DAYS. Well, going by years‚ as you can see, can be very uncertain. It depends on whose years & how they figure their years! But He’s giving it to you in exact days! He told it to Daniel but Daniel didn’t even understand, of course. But He knew you would some day. He’s giving it to you in actual exact days which you cannot misinterpret nor misunderstand. Right?—Numbering the days exactly! Isn’t that wonderful?

WE KNOW EXACTLY HOW LONG THE TRIBULATION IS GOING TO LAST because the Lord gave it to us not only in years, 3-1/2 years‚ not only in months, 42 months, because you can misinterpret that too. But He finally gave it in 1260 days! So don’t worry about the years, don’t worry about the months, don’t worry about different ways of calculating when He’s already given it to us in exact days in other places, that it was going to be 1260 days exactly! Then we know it’s going to be 1260 days regardless of whose years or months they are. (Rev 11:2,3; 12:6,14 13:5 Dan 7:25 & 12:7)

(VERSE 11:) And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall

be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

(VERSE 12:) Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.

|———————1335 days——————————————————|

|———————1290 days————————————|—45 days—|

|———————1260 days——————|—30 days—|

FROM THE DAY YOU HEAR & SEE THAT THAT COVENANT OF SEVEN YEARS IS SIGNED BY THE ANTICHRIST, START COUNTING, & 1260 days later exactly—because I believe the Bible—he’s going to break it & command that he himself be worshipped & all other religions abolished & his idol be set up in the Temple area & worshipped‚ & no more buying or selling without his Mark.

HE STOPS ALL RELIGIOUS WORSHIP & HAS HIS IMAGE SET UP IN THE HOLY PLACE at the mid-point of the what? (The seven years!) At the end of the first three–&-a-half, the beginning of the second three-&-a-half. “From the time the daily sacrifice shall be taken away & the abomination that maketh desolation set up.” We’ve already learned that the Tribulation will end 1260 days later, right? That nice neat little number of 1260 days is going to be the End & Jesus is going to come for us & end the Tribulation! Isn’t that wonderful?

FROM THE TIME IT’S TAKEN AWAY & THE ABOMINATION THAT MAKETH DESOLATE SET UP SHALL BE A THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED & NINETY DAYS! Instead of 1260 days he says 1290 days! From the Abomination of Desolation, stopping of the religion & sacrifice & setting up Satan’s Image, the Antichrist Image—same as Satan’s, Devil in the flesh—is 1290 days.

“HOW LONG SHALL IT BE TO THE END OF THESE WONDERS? “—All these wonders the Lord is talking about & He’s been telling Daniel about. The very end‚ how long is it going to be to the end? Well, how many wonders has God been talking about? He’s not only been talking about the reign of the Antichrist, He’s not only been talking about the first three-&-a-half years of peace & the second three-&-a-half years of terrible Tribulation, 1260 days, but what else has He been talking about? You’ve got to look a little further back here in the 12th chapter. Look at the first few verses.

HE SAYS, “AT THAT TIME”—THE TIME OF THE END—”THERE SHALL BE AT TIME OF TROUBLE“—mid-point of the first verse of Daniel 12—”such as never was since there was a nation even to that time.” At that time, during those Last Days. Well‚ we know the time of trouble lasts exactly 1260 days, right?

THEN HE SAYS, “AT THAT TIME THY PEOPLE SHALL BE DELIVERED.” It’s gotta be at the end of the time of trouble, right? Jesus has got to come & save us out of this old World, He’s got to stop the persecution, stop the Tribulation, & the only way He can do it is by resurrecting us, rapturing us, taking us up into the air to be with Him! Right?

WHAT ARE ALL THE WONDERS GOING TO BE? Not only the Antichrist, not only the Tribulation, but what else? There’s the Rapture of His Saints at the end of the Tribulation, & we know that’s exactly when it occurs because it says other places in the Bible—we haven’t got time to go into it right now—it occurs right there at the end of the Tribulation. (Mat.24:29) Jesus said so, Daniel’s saying so, John later says so. So what’s this extra 30 days?

OK, NOW THERE ARE TWO PERIODS OF TIME HERE THAT ARE MENTIONED THAT EXTEND BEYOND THE TRIBULATION. The first one is 1290 days, which is 30 days beyond the Tribulation‚ the other one is 1335 days! Isn’t that a thousand three hundred five & thirty days? 1335 days! There it is right there in the Bible‚ plain as day, at the end of that 12th verse! God’s Word couldn’t be any more specific! It’s mathematically exact! How about that?

THE FIRST 1290 IS 30 DAYS LONGER THAN THE TRIBULATION‚ THEN 1335 IS 45 DAYS LONGER THAN THAT! So we’ve got a total of 75 days past the end of the Tribulation, right?—Past the coming of the Lord.

NOW WE KNOW BY THE BIBLE & BY REVELATION 19, which we’ll study later on, that following the Tribulation is the coming of the Lord & the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Heaven while the Wrath of God is on Earth, so those are the first events to take place following the end of the Tribulation.

WE KNOW THAT THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB IN HEAVEN WILL BE GOING ON AT THE SAME TIME AS THE WRATH OF GOD ON EARTH, because the Wrath of God begins with Jesus’ second coming & the Marriage Supper of the Lamb begins with Jesus’ second coming! So these are obviously concurrent periods, right? The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is going on in Heaven while the Wrath of God is going on in Earth. We’re having Heaven in Heaven while the Earth’s having Hell on Earth!

SO THERE ARE TWO PERIODS CONCURRENTLY RUNNING TOGETHER, two major events happening in Heaven & Earth that are leading us up to the very End!

WILL THERE BE SURVIVORS OF THE WRATH OF GOD?—The terrible tribulation He pours out on the Devil’s people? God’s people have suffered Tribulation for three-&-a-half years‚ He’s going to give Satan’s a horrible tribulation for 75 days! You say, “How come the Lord gives us three-&-a-half years Tribulation & them only 75 days?”

WAIT A MINUTE! THEIR PROBLEMS HAVE JUST BEGUN! It sounds like the ones that are killed are going to be in Hell for a thousand years, so that’s pretty bad compared to our three-&-a-half years of Tribulation, right? And there will be those that even survive the Wrath of God, the 30 days of Wrath, & they’ll have 45 more days of the Battle of Armageddon.

It’s logically only obvious to me that it must mean the 30 days that He’s first speaking about is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb & the Wrath of God, that period; & then 45 more days of Battle when we come down & spend our time destroying the kingdom of the Antichrist!

FIRST THERE’S 30 DAYS AFTER THE 1260, & then He says‚ “Blessed is he that waiteth & cometh to the thousand three hundred, five & thirty days”—1335 days or 45 days later than those 30 days. Blessed how? Well, I’ll tell you what‚ blessed if you were even one of the survivors that the Lord in His mercy sees fit to spare through the Wrath of God‚ & not only that, you survive the Battle of Armageddon!

WE KNOW THERE ARE GOING TO BE SOME SURVIVORS because we wouldn’t have anybody to rule over if everybody died! Because the second resurrection hasn’t happened yet. The resurrection of the unsaved doesn’t happen until the end of the Millennium. They’re not raised to the Great White Throne Judgement of God until the thousand years is over!

SO BLESSED IS HE THAT WAITETH, OR LASTETH, TO THE 1335 DAYS!—Even if they’re one of the survivors of the Antichrist government & the Mark of the Beast! They can be thankful if they make it through the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon! Did you get that? Do you believe that? (Family: Yes!) Are you sure? (Family: Yes!) Those things have gotta take time!

THE WEDDING SUPPER’S GOTTA TAKE TIME, the Wrath of God has gotta take time‚ & the Battle of Armageddon has gotta take time to the very End!—The very End of all these things, man’s reign on the Earth‚ the Earth as it now is before it’s restored like the Garden of Eden, before there’s a beautiful wonderful Heavenly Earth of the Millennium! All these things are going to take a little time, considerable mopping up!

SO YOU CAN BELIEVE IT OR NOT, YOU DON’T HAVE TO, BUT THAT’S MY THEORY!—That the Wedding Supper & the Wrath of God are going to last 30 more days after the Tribulation, after the coming of Christ, & then we’re going to come back with Jesus on white horses & destroy the Antichrist & his kingdom in 45 days of War!Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 13.30.11

1. The Antichrist breaks the Covenant, stops Jewish sacrificial worship, sets up his Image, the Abomination of Desolation‚ in front of the newly-built Jewish Temple, & declares himself God. (Dan.9:27;11:31; Mat.24:15‚21; 2Thes.2:4.) The Great Tribulation then begins & lasts 1260 days. (Rev.11:3;12:6.)

2. At the end of the Tribulation, Jesus returns & raptures His Saints & we enjoy the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. (Mat.24:29-31; Rev.19:7-9.)

3. 30 days after the Rapture, the Battle of Armageddon begins, & lasts 45 days. “Blessed” are those on Earth who survive the Battle into the Millennium. (Dan.12:11,12.)

WE KNOW THAT THE RAPTURE COMES 1260 DAYS AFTER THE BREAKING OF THE COVENANT. And since there’s one more End, what could it really be talking about? (The Battle of Armageddon.) It’s gotta be, what other end could it be? One end has already happened, our end, we go to be with the Lord. It’s really just our beginning‚ but the end of our stay here like this on Earth. What’s the next end? It must be the end of whom?—Somebody else, not us. And that’s gotta be when we come down for the Battle of Armageddon. That’s their end. So that’s 30 days later according to this. But it’s not all finished until all the mopping up is done & we’ve got absolute complete control & the Enemy is totally eliminated, the end of all these things, after 1335 days. Praise God!

(VERSE 13:) “BUT GO THOU THY WAY,” DANIEL, “TILL THE END BE.”—Till the end comes, in other words. “For thou shalt rest & stand in thy lot at the end of the days.” “Go thou thy way till the end be”—what end is that? His end‚ Daniel’s end? When was Daniel’s end, at least his life on this Earth? (When he died.) “For thou shalt rest”—when your end comes you’re going to rest. And then what are you going to do?—”Stand in thy lot at the end of the days.” What lot? You mean Daniel’s got a lot in Heaven? I’m sure he’s got a lot in Heaven! PTL!—So have I, so have you! How else could you have a mansion in Heaven unless it’s sitting on a lot? Nobody wants to live in apartments, nobody wants to live in condominiums or duplexes, everybody wants a little bit of a yard & a garden‚ so you’ve gotta have a lot for your mansion. Right? Praise God!

SO DANIEL’S ALREADY LONG GONE! He’s been Up There in his lot & his mansion About 2500 years. Think of that, he’s been enjoying Heaven for 2500 years. He’s gotten his reward & he has enjoyed Heaven, & I’d say he certainly deserved it after all he went through for us! He went through the lion’s den & had all kinds of trouble with those damn kings! I’ll tell you, he certainly deserved a rest when he got done!—And so will you! Praise The Lord!

Heaven On Earth!



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