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Simple Truth John Lennon was part of the truth seeking generation back in the sixties and in a lot of ways he was one of the main cornerstones. With a cornerstone of a house you have to get the cornerstone … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Thompson was a successful career driver lawyer that worked long hours and dealt with a lot of very difficult and stressful situations but the fast pace, long hours, and the constant stress of work eventually paid its toll on … Continue reading

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Does God still heal miraculously today?

By Mark Ellis Jesus demonstrated he is the Son of God and he is God by performing powerful miracles throughout his ministry. I don’t know of any other religious figure who could walk on water, command the wind and the … Continue reading

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From Satan’s Grip to God’s Glory

By David Ettinger Cathieann Ramirez-Soto knew her life hit a new low when she turned to prostitution in order to support her insatiable drug habit. Her life sunk to life-threatening levels when she was kidnapped for two weeks, enduring frequent … Continue reading

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