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Falling in Love!

  Simple Truth There was once a woman who just loved falling in love but no matter how much she fell in love she could never find enough love. She loved everything love had to offer, or a least she … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Spiritual!

Simple Truth The only way anyone on this earth will ever get truly spiritual is to enter in through the strait gate, bear in mind the word “strait” – most people quote it as “straight” and they also think it’s … Continue reading

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Going Down into the Grave (Hades) and Rising Again!

Interestingly enough, Jesus was buried in another man’s grave and if you look at this in a symbolic sense then you could say that Jesus was dying in this man’s place, as he in true reality did for all of … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Saints Return!

Simple Truth People might consider looking into ancient text as being some dumb old stale old pointless exercise and sometimes even people who do look into ancient text might find themselves thinking and feeling the same but when you consider … Continue reading

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The “Light” is the “Life” is the “Love”

Simple Truth Everybody has heard of the term “seeing the light” and everybody has heard of people who have seen the light but what do people mean when they talk about seeing the light and what are they actually seeing? … Continue reading

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Forgiving Each Other Seventy Times Seven

Simple Truth Jesus once said, whosoever is forgiven much, the same loveth much. Jesus doesn’t give up on us and so we shouldn’t always give up on each other. It is very sound and good advice for Jesus to tell … Continue reading

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Fullness of Joy!

Simple Truth If anyone wishes to be honest then they’d have to say that fullness of joy has more to do with love than anything else; you can go to any wonderful place in the world but without love it … Continue reading

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