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New Age’s Influence In The Church

Roberta Morrison-Gilbert teaches on the strategic long-term influence and infiltration of the New Age in the Church. There has never been more of a time for each and every Christian to read the Bible for themselves, testing what is coming … Continue reading

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A Woman Clothed with the Sun – Who is She?

Simple Truth The “Woman Clothed with the Sun” first appears in the book of Revelation when it says, “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon … Continue reading

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Great Signs from Heaven and a Premature New World Order!

Simple Truth There is much talk these days of a New World Order when the actual fact of the matter is that we do actually need a New World Order. Even in the Bible it talks of a kind of … Continue reading

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Sons Of God And The Daughters Of Men

Insight into the fallen angels and the days of Noah!

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Jesus and the Saints Return!

Simple Truth People might consider looking into ancient text as being some dumb old stale old pointless exercise and sometimes even people who do look into ancient text might find themselves thinking and feeling the same but when you consider … Continue reading

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Computers and “Weird Science” in the Bible!

Simple Truth People do wonder and they have also arrived at the conclusion that computers are actually in the bible, the most obvious example of this is what’s called “The Image of the Beast.” This reference to “beast” in the … Continue reading

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Ezekiel 38 – Breaking The Covenant

The short explanation of Ezekiel 38 is thus: Ezekiel 38 talks about Gog and Magog, Gog is the Antichrist and Magog is Russia so we read that the Antichrist comes out of Russia and invades Israel. We also read that … Continue reading

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