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There are many people these days who feel pushed out of normal society, these people need to understand the seriousness of this whole matter. We are sorry to have to suggest that we have a whole generation these days that has been, in a sense, spiritually castrated from birth. If you feel you are in a wilderness and that something is seriously missing from your life then this could be the place for you. Our hope here is to offer some simple explanations as well as some simple realities addressing the spiritual need in all. We also believe that the simple words of Jesus are as true today as they ever were – the simple words of Jesus speak to all, irregardless of their status in life, their class, their high or low education, their social background, or their race. We also simply believe that if the truth is spoken in honesty then you are speaking the truth as it has been revealed to you – God willing by Jesus Himself! All being said, you can only be honest and speak the truth as you see it, the truth should always be the naked truth in that it should not be dressed up. Sometimes when we speak the truth it can bring us great humilliation but we must remember that Jesus said that we should humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord and that He shall lift you up. Our aim here is not to lift up ourselves but to lift up Jesus who said “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”

Speaking of ourselves, then we would have to say that we are nothing to write home about, we are not millionaires or even billionaires, we are not highly educated in that we have not gone to Cambridge or Eton for our eduction, we are not upper-class and if anything we have more in common with the lower class and at the same time we don’t wish to judge people, whatever their class. Jesus didn’t just mix with the upper, middle, or even lower-classes, He mixed with all classes of people and therefore none of us should judge each other on our class or our race or whatever we apparently are in the eyes of man – man looketh on the outer appearance but God looks on the heart, therefore, we should seek the heart in everything – both the heart of God and the heart of man. It is no-doubt a surprise to us all just who we might find ourselves, to use a common phrase “hobnobbing around with”. And of course, relationships should go deeper than this in that it would be better for us all to find Jesus in all – where two or three are gathered together in His Name, there is He in the midst of them. All being said, we can only humbly ask you to tarry with us for a short while or even longer if you choose.

Love In Jesus

Terry & Karen


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  1. Great seeing you folks on the wordpress blogging platform. I have enjoyed your videos and your website looks great. I have just become one of your followers and subscribers as I really enjoy the material you guys produce. God bless

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  2. Simple Truth says:

    You are one of one of our first commenters on here so it is much appreciated that you took the time out of your busy day to give us some feedback. Our hope here is that in-spite of ourselves and the human factor, that the more spiritual factor in the equation, Jesus Himself, will speak for Himself. We can only do our best to speak on Jesus’ behalf but it is Jesus Himself who is good and able, still to this day and 100% able to speak for Himself. Jesus is still alive and kicking to this day! Thanks for following, we’ll follow you too. GBY

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  3. Anonymous says:

    great site bro


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