Discovering Your Inner Depths


Simple Truth

Everyone has hidden depths but the secret is often discovering those hidden depths, and you also have to ask yourself just who’s keeping it a secret? It’s as if the secret has been deliberately hidden from us all, that someone out there in the spiritual dimension doesn’t want us to discover who we really are and what we really are. And then there’s a question of all those hidden talents and discovering your true potential and living your life to the full, all of these things you could say have a lot to do with our hidden depths and who we really are.

We find out something of who we really are through our interactions with other people but of course the problem here is that so many people these days are operating on the surface and so you can’t so easily get beneath the surface with a lot of people and so we have all of these closed books. But then there are others who feel that freedom is going all the way with their fleshly desires and so the floodgates are open in that direction and there’s plenty of lust out there, and flesh in the bible is really another word for lust and so these days’ people are taking their fleshly lusts to their limits and some would even say to the edge because there are so many dangerous livers out there who feel that excitement and thrills are all about pushing it to the limits and to the edge. But does all of this make up for a person who is deep? You could say that it’s incredible just what the human body is capable of and what human beings are capable of but does all of this surface operation make up for a deep person? Well, you only have to look around you to answer that question, there are many incredible feats of science and technology and the so-called “spirit of man” in all of his achievements but why is it leaving us feeling so dry and empty inside? You can only arrive at the conclusion that this is all about his flesh and therefore his lusts.sadness_loneliness_longing_night_city_roof_railing_lighting_a_girl_desktopAnd then of course it pops the question: Is flesh all we are? Are we just material beings living in a material world and why has life become all about gratification rather than love? It seems that people are getting the two confused, that the philosophy of life has now become all about gratification and the freedom of the flesh to express itself to the full which again, it has to be emphasised, that flesh is more than often about lust more than anything else because the philosophy we have these days is that the more you have then the more happier you will be and so excess is often the sin. There are a lot of natural pleasures we can all enjoy and that’s ok, but if we limit ourselves to these pleasures then we find our hearts and our spirits are left empty and so people start getting into extremes of pleasures which nowadays all adds up to so many people gratifying themselves in order to fill that aching void of the heart – and here’s where the secret lies of who we really are! And so many people would rightfully protest that people are getting them all wrong, that there is so much more to me and they wish to find words to tell you how they feel, that deep down there’s this horrible emptiness, this hunger that won’t go away! If only someone could tell them what this spiritual hunger is all about and what they yearn for!!!Shopping in Oxford Street (file picture)

It would help people an awful lot if they could rediscover “who” they are and “what” they really are. And again, here lies the secret that’s been hidden from us, that all along, what we really are is a spirit, every one of us is a spirit and every one of us has been placed inside an earthly body, every one of us was created to be a living soul. The word “soul” means that you are both spirit and body – so body and spirit = soul! You can look at the story of Adam any way you like, whether you choose to believe it was real or just a symbolic story, perhaps in some ways although not all ways it doesn’t matter, at least not at the moment because the lesson here in that story is that Adam was lifeless until God breathed the breath of life into him and after God breathed the breath of life into him then Adam became a living soul (body and spirit) and so what you have here is a Spiritual God, a God Who is Spirit, breathing Adam’s spirit into his earthy body. And we all might think of ordinary breath here, but the breath of God is something more than just breath that we know and understand with the kind of breathing that we do in that we breath oxygen, but here we have in this story, God, placing a spirit in a body and somehow He does it by breathing that spirit into the human body. So in a strange way we are all the very breath of Life, the breath of God and therefore the breath of Spirit! And so we all need the very breath of the Spirit of God Who created us to keep us all alive, it is not enough for us to ONLY breath earthy air, we all in this same sense need to breath spiritual air. Just like the air is all around us, God’s Spirit is all around us and spiritually we need His Spiritual air to survive, just like we’re in constant need of air, we are in constant need of the Spiritual Presence of God – and from God’s point of view – He needs us just like we need Him and He needs to breath us in every day in that He longs for our spiritual presence as well as to see us happy physically, He longs for that deep communion of heart with heart, spirit with spirit and even mind with mind as in having a spiritual mind and not a carnal mind. And then of course there is the personality that is the real YOU, the special unique personality that God created that dwells in the body, that is the real you, that is the real spirit that is you and this is what has been kept a secret from you so you need to discover who you really are or perhaps you might even need to rediscover this because you know already!henry_photo1

So to discover or rediscover the spiritual YOU, take the very breath of Life into your life, the real life that is YOU, the spirit and spiritual YOU that longs to reunite with the Great Spirit, God Himself Who created YOU to be who YOU really are and to enjoy His Presence in all you naturally do. Going with the natural things in life and all the natural things that God has created can all serve to bring you closer to God and if you want to picture what God is like, then picture Him in His Son Jesus Christ. Someone once said that the sting of death, both spiritual death and literal death, is sin – so it’s as if we’ve all been stung and that sting was a serious sting that brought us into spiritual death and though we are still alive physically, the real YOU that is the spirit YOU has fallen into a deep deep sleep and we all need, just like in the story of Sleeping Beauty, we need that “Lovers Kiss” to awaken us and bring us back to life, we need the breath of Life and therefore the breath of Love to awaken us and to bring back to life our inner depths, the spirit that is YOU that has been the real you all along but you just need to be woken up and so one verse would say, “…Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ will give thee life (light).” (Ephesians 5:14)




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