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All over the Internet and on YouTube there are all these people saying that they are getting into the spiritual, whether they are seeing visions, hearing voices, Astral travelling, receiving prophetic messages, having dreams, teleporting, trans-relocating, spirit travelling, getting high in the spirit, you name it, the list appears to endless! And so it is with the Internet and places like YouTube, you have in a sense all of these bugs coming out of the woodwork and all of these people and issues that some of us never even knew existed until now and so the whole thing has become a kind of a hot potato and even a downward spiral and on the subject of spirals you also have portals which people claim are opening all over the place and people apparently going in and out of these portals into other realms and even into outer-space and some of them even say that the portal took them to the throne of God!

So how does the average man in the street make any sense of this? Well, most people in all honesty and all fairness to them would simply take one look and run, more than likely because they wouldn’t want to end up becoming one of the crazies and you do wonder if all of this is having its desired effect on people because at the same time you have all of these warring factions and all of these so-called or somewhat spiritually enlightened people all fighting each other and some of course can’t be blamed because it turns out that the whole thing has a lot to do with spiritual warfare and so herein lies another aspect of the whole thing that, my gosh, if I enter into all of this then through course of event it will turn out that I find myself involved in a war and just who’s side will I be on? And what should pop into your mind when you have thoughts like this? Oh, what was it that they say on the Internet these days? That’s it! It’s the age of deceit and the deceit will be so powerful that even the elect, or in other words, the chosen of God, might find themselves being deceived. So not only have we got a hot potato but we have some kind of a spiritual minefield! So one thing is for sure here and that is that we need to be very very diligent and prayerful and careful about where we tread and who we listen to because again, you have all of these factions and even within some of these more established religious groups you have all of these factions all fighting each other so no wonder Jesus Himself said that there would be distress amongst nations with perplexity and whether you believe in Jesus or not, most people would surely agree that we have a world where there is distress amongst nations with perplexity and He even went on to say that the seas of the nations would be roaring, this symbolising people going wild, going crazy, and riotous behaviour, and so in the midst of all this chaos and confusion we have people starting to question their very existence here on earth and Jesus said men’s hearts would start failing them for fear and for looking on those things which are coming to pass because even in the heavens, or in other words, in the skies, the powers up there would be shaken and so we have things like so-called global warming and so-called climate change and even something called geoengineering, chem-trails etc. to contend with, all of this to do with disorder and chaos and so people at this point might seek a spiritual solution to all of this, they might even wonder if there are secret societies who it turns out are also spiritually motivated people and that they have some kind of satanic agenda for mankind and people say they are creating all of this disorder and chaos in order to bring in a New World Order so where do people go for all of their answers to all of this?!!

Of course some people are bound to look into spiritual realities, they desperately desperately want something to happen that is of a spiritual nature, people are crying out for a spiritual experience and so they are going into all of this stuff, they just want something to happen, they don’t altogether care about how they get there and so they desperately go to all of these teachers and preachers and some of them are even willing to go to Satan himself to get some kind of spiritual experience, just as long as it gets them out of this horrible world then some of them don’t care! The real problem here is that there are many many many substitutes for the real thing out there and we have the more switched on among us who choose to exploit this whole situation and so they take advantage of these poor, what you might call lost souls. People are so hungry and so starving and starved of real affection that they’ll join just about any group to get some kind of love, some kind of hope, and some kind of what they might call “enlightenment” and so we have this healing ministry over there where everyone gets swept along by hysteria and through all of this hysteria people might rise above their physical ailments and bad backs and bad arms and bad necks etc. but really – is hysteria the solution here or does it offer a substitute for the real thing? King Solomon said that you could overcome your infirmities by staying strong spiritually and that the spirit of man will sustain him through his physical ailments or infirmities so even if you never get healed you can stay strong and overcome that way, truth be known few people get healed these days, it’s just hysteria and wishful thinking and being whipped up into a frenzy, this all offering a momentary solution and a feeling of togetherness with all of the others, all under the roof of the big impressive building! And then you have all of these others that would say, “to hell with Christianity and all of these fake money grabbing, delusive, make-it-all-up preachers, I’m not getting sucked into that trip! And so over there you have all of these New Agers and astral travellers, now that’s the kind of trip I’m looking for! So right, you lie down and you go into a trance and your spirit leaves your body, Wow! that sounds cool to me and these people preaching it sound more switched on and more broadminded than all of those willy-nilly, gullible, wet behind the ear Christians!” But then you might find yourself standing over here saying, “Hang on a minute, you go into a trance and then you leave your body? So when you leave your body, where do you go? Do you travel around in this material dimension or do you go into some kind of spiritual dimension and what of all these beings that people say they meet out there, what’s this I hear people say, that they are coming from other planets from somewhere out there in our solar system, whereas others are saying that they really come from some other dimension, what they call the spiritual dimension, and that these beings are really fallen angels coming to these so-called astral travellers in order to deceive them and to deceive mankind?

When you take all of these people in the bible that had spiritual experiences or what you might call journeys into the spiritual, you would say that with every one of them there was ALWAYS an angel involved in all of this and it was this angel that was taking them into this spiritual experience, they too started out with what the others call a “trance” but they didn’t call it a trance, they said things like “I was in the Spirit” – so they called their trance “being in the Spirit of God.” So how do I know that these other people are really in a trance, I think they get into the spirit of the devil and this is what they mean by trance and then he takes them into the spiritual via a fallen angel that he sends and as with the good saints of God and the good angels of God, this whole thing comes with a message and the deeper you go into all of this then you find that these messages are very often for the whole of mankind which bring us to the subject of the New Age which we are also hearing about. Some people say that we are about to enter into what’s called a New Age of enlightenment, that there’s going to be a massive swing in the opposite direction away from materialism and people are going to start becoming more spiritual and so they might get into what you might call Zeitgeist, or in other words, the spirit of the age! But this spirit of the age will be coming from the prince of the power of the air (Satan) and it’s this prince of the power of the air who’s behind the course of this world so anyone who goes with the course of this world is walking with Satan, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience. And I’ve also read that this prince of the power of the air can transform himself into an angel of light and so people might think that they are believing in Jesus but it turns out to be another Jesus and NOT the REAL Jesus so they find themselves getting into the New Age, the New Age being a substitute for the REAL golden age and the true thousand-year reign of Christ on earth when He comes and so we have all of these false prophets to contend with too and many of them saying that they’ve met all of the old patriarchs! You name just about any great saint in the bible and guess what, they say they’ve met them all! And what’s all this I read and hear about fables in the last days and even old-wives-tales and all of these people that would be just itching to hear something and because these false prophets see that there’s a market in all of this then they write all of these books and they sell them to all of these poor souls online. I remember Jesus said that there would be wolves in sheep’s clothing so all of these poor sheep that find themselves lost and alone in this world, they go to these false shepherds and false prophets with their lying wonders and their false promises and they buy their books, they do all the things they say and NOTHING ever happens, no spiritual experience, no reality, they just find themselves being fleeced and back out in the cold they go, back out to their lonely wonderings.

So just how in the world or how in the “hell of this world” does anyone have a REAL GENUINE spiritual experience? Well, best advise for what it’s worth, you can take it or leave it of course, is to go to someone who’s had a real genuine spiritual experience and of course we’re all looking for something fantastic to happen, something to really prove to us that all of this is true, seeing as we’re talking about the fantastic and something more than so-called ordinary spiritual experiences so a good place to go is to St John who not only was one of Jesus’ actual disciples but as meek and mild as he appears to have been in the book of John, he laid his head of Jesus’ chest, he loved Jesus so much and was very close to Him, Jesus was telling him that He was going to leave this world soon and truly told him, He knowing the future, that He was going to be crucified soon and even arrested that night. Of course this happened as Jesus said it would but Jesus told them all that He would see them again even though He was once dead He would come back to life and because He would come back to life they would also be able to come back to life after having died. So Jesus did reappear to them all after His death and He was seen by many for forty days and then they last saw Him when He went away into the clouds. John later on found himself thrown onto the Isle of Patmos and it was whilst on the Isle of Patmos that Jesus reappered to him – but not in actual person – He appeared to John in what you might call a “vision”. John’s own account of this is that he was in the Spirit so it appears that he was so in the Spirit of God that he was somewhat oblivious to the physical world around him, New Ager’s might call this a “trance” but the reality is that they would be in the wrong spirit. John goes on to say that he heard a voice behind him and that this voice sounded like many waters, he turns to see this voice that spoke to him and he sees a vision of Jesus and Jesus’ face he says, shone like the sun in its strength and He had a sword coming out of His mouth – His sword here symbolises his words. This vision was so powerful to John and no-doubt the Spiritual Presence of Jesus was so powerful too that John fell at Jesus’ feet as dead and then we read that Jesus laid His hand upon him spiritually and told John to write down the things that he would see from then onwards and also things that would be hereafter. John goes on to say that he suddenly sees a door open in heaven and then he hears a voice calling him saying “come up hither.”

If we go back to earlier on in the book of Revelation, we also read that the revelation that John was about to receive would be sent from Jesus Himself and that it would be an angel that would be the messenger here, or in other words, this angel which turned out to be a departed saint would be the one that would be leading John around this vision and the revelations, or in other words, the messages that he was about to receive. So as from particularly the moment that John went up through this door in heaven, this angel appears to be in charge of the whole visual experience and you could say it was likened to being taken to God’s movie theatre, unlike our movie theatres which are flat screened, this whole vision would appear to John as in being three dimensional and from what we read, he can even move around in this vision geographically and some of the things that John saw would be true to actual reality in that he for instance saw the heavenly city, New Jerusalem, which would one day come down from God onto a newly created earth, John would have seen this and even told us the three dimensional measurement of this great city. We also read that John was taken via this angel, this departed saint, into what we call the wilderness, so he said he was carried away in the Spirit into this wilderness and then he sees symbolic visions, one in particular would have been Mystery Babylon the Great, The Mother of Harlots, and then he also saw a woman clothed with the sun and many many other symbolic visions like the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, a seven headed beast coming up out of the sea etc. He even said that he saw a great red dragon that had seven heads but then he goes on to say that he sees this great war in heaven where an actual angel called Michael with his actual angels was casting Satan out of heaven into the earth so all in all a very interesting vision because we certainly have a three dimensional aspect to the whole thing and we also have a very broad geographical sense to the whole thing so a massive spectrum here and at one point during this vision we read that John even bowed down to this angel that was leading him around this vision, so this reminds you of what St Paul said here, St Paul said he went to what he called the third heaven but he didn’t appear to understand how this was done, it was such a spiritual experience that he couldn’t explain it and didn’t know whether he was in the body or out of the body as he put it, so you wonder if John would have felt the same because here in the vision we read of John who was so fascinated by this angel that he even started to worship this angel and of course the angel told him not to do it and that he was getting carried away here.

So very interesting reading when you consider that John in his physical body was writing all of this down and yet at the same time was spiritually worshipping this angel but as you read these things in the book of Revelation itself and hopefully as you, should you have got this far, read these things, then God willing, you will get a sense of the spiritual reality in all of this and John himself when he wrote the book of Revelation even said “Blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy” talking of course of his prophecy so it’s hard for any of these saints to explain the spiritual and exactly how it all works but they would simply write down as John did, exactly what they saw and what happened and that the whole thing, everything they saw and heard, was all about the “spiritual realities of the  message.” The message in the book of Revelation is all about what would happen to mankind when mankind chooses to reject the words of Jesus, that things would eventually become apocalyptic and as it says earlier on, “He that have ears to hear, let him hear what the spirit sayeth unto the churches (churches being groups of believers – not buildings).” And to end it here with what St Peter said, St Peter was also one of Jesus’ disciples and he said, “For the prophecy (message from God) came not in old time by the will of man: but holy (pure) men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.” (2 Peter 1:21) So all of these visions and spiritual experiences and their messages and the angel that gave these messages sent by God Himself all started with as John said, they were in the Spirit of God and as Peter says, they were moved by the Holy Spirit, they simply went with the Spirit and it wasn’t all done of their own will and the main focus here of course is the “message” that these visions and voices all gave and even illustrated to both themselves and mankind.


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