Elton John, Test Tube Babies, the Future of “Gay” and “Brave New World”

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Elton John makes an interesting case study when you consider the world of gay people these days. Elton John pretty much stepped onto the world stage back in the early seventies, back then the hippy generation was starting to pitter out though things were pretty much still hip and a lot of people might remember the hit single “Rocket Man.” So Elton John was a brilliant musician and very gifted and very talented.

It was pretty much well known back then, or at least people had heard that he was somewhat bisexual and he eventually went on to get married. It appears that his marriage only lasted about four years so you find yourself thinking that there must have been some sort of struggle going on for Elton John back in his early days, on the one hand he was on board with the hippy generation and was singing out against the system with songs like “Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters”…

and then further down the line he brings out a song called “Salvation” so you find yourself thinking that he must have had some kind of leaning towards faith in God, especially if you take the words of the song seriously which I’m assuming he was serious when he sang, “It’s gonna take a lot of salvation – What we need are willing hands” and he goes on to say in the song “A chance to put the devil down.”

So yes, a lot of us do find ourselves singing these songs but at the same time we are aware that some of these songs were written in code just like the Beatles used to sing songs in code too and if you understand the code of the Beatles songs then you’ll realise that a lot of these songs were singing about drugs and turning on and dropping out of the system and even singing songs about LSD, using the code phrase “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” etc. And so interestingly enough, you can take any of these songs or at least some of them and you can sing them through the Spirit of God and not necessarily through the spirit that they were written in. Further to this, according to John Todd (ex grand druid and witch), Elton John’s album “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” was written purely through witchcraft and so we have to be careful here because just as Christians are an instrument of God’s peace, a lot of these musicians are instruments of the devil’s peace and Elton John does present himself as a man of peace, he wishes to bring peace to the world so you get a sense from him that he’s a kind of a New Ager in that he wishes to unite the world for peace and so his crusade has always been the rights of gay people and even reaching out to people with Aids and back then he even got Lady Dianna on board with this. So love him or hate him, and we’re not saying here that you should hate him, because whoever he is and whatever he is, one thing stands out clearly here is that is that he is a gifted musician.

But…anyone who has been into witchcraft can tell you that with these gifts you can easily switch channels – so if you are in tune with God you can be anointed by God’s Spirit or if you are in tune with the devil then you can be anointed by his spirit and this sums up a lot of the songs of the singers back then in the Sixties, a lot of them were tuning into the right Spirit with some of their songs and then they would tune into the wrong sprit with other songs and so there was a definite spiritual struggle going on back f2370024c5a714f9d5b73a58429a0602then and you can liken it to a party where everyone was invited and so you could say, a very New Age feel to the sixties and even Jesus was invited to the party so a lot of people got into Jesus back then and of course some found the “Real Jesus” and some were sadly tripped off into the cosmic Jesus, the New Age Jesus and universalism, so somewhat confusing times back then and it’s quite possible that you can see this struggle in Elton John. And then of course the Eighties came along and then we had a whole host of singers coming out of the closet who were flagrantly telling the world that they were gay and so we also had Elton John in the Eighties who got on board with all of this – or perhaps he was a front runner, it’s difficult to tell – telling the world in no uncertain terms that he was indeed gay. And what’s more, you had the younger generation getting more and more on board with all of this and in the world of politics at large there was more and more of a push there for gay people to have the right to get married and so as we understand the story, Elton John got on board with all of this and eventually formed a civil partnership with his now partner David Furnish when this was all made legal and as time went by and new laws were passed he quickly got on board with this and eventually they got married! As time went by some more and further new laws were passed giving rights to gay people to adopt children, Elton John then decided to become a father – at this stage you wonder whether to feel joy for Elton John or sorrow because it appears that he realised his dream here…1479910777286he’s now achieved a large part of his goal in getting gay people accepted and of course all along he’s moving on in years and as people do when they move along in years, they wish to become a father or a mother so of course the normal process in all of this is that a man finds a wife and “they twain become one flesh” and produce a child. The obvious dilemma for Elton John and his partner in all of this was of course that neither of them possess a womb and so you find yourself looking into how Elton John produced a child and what you discover is that the process that he used, that process being that first they had to find a woman that was willing to donate the egg and then this egg had to be fertilised with either Elton John’s sperm or his partners, some articles say they used Elton John’s sperm to fertilise the egg and other articles say that they mixed the sperms so that neither partner knew who would be the father of the child though I imagine they could find out later. I’m assuming all this was done somewhat in a test tube and along with this process you need another female who is willing to carry this child who would be what is termed a surrogate mother, it’s no-doubt done this way so that either the egg donor or the surrogate mother doesn’t become too attached to the child when it’s born. Then we read that as soon as the child is born that Elton John and his partner are quickly called into the hospital to form bonding with this child, bonding here we’re told entailed Elton John and his partner removing their shirts so that the child could bond like it would when a mother naturally makes flesh contact and bonding with her child, the child gets to know the mothers smell and instinctively the child sucks its mother’s breasts. So they wished to form the attachment more with the natural father and of course not with the natural mother because the surrogate mother is not the child’s natural mother – she merely operating as in incubator for that child!

So this is where the whole gay scene gets scary and you even find your heart going out to the world and to all of these young men that are now being converted into the gay scene. Young children are being taught from an early age that all of this is perfectly natural and so young children as early as three and up are now being encouraged to assume themselves to be both female and male and some of these young children are now wearing dresses to school! So you find yourself thinking: “Do people realise what’s at the other end of the spectrum here?” And so again, you look at Elton John as being one of the ultimate role models and you think to yourself:

“All these young children by the time 3ca32abb76970496abe1e6dbc53bb264they reach adulthood and want to start families, how many egg donors will they need and how many surrogate mothers will they need and what will be the normal role of women in all of this and what of their natural desire to have children of their own, will they become so past feeling that they will merely donate an egg whilst another becomes a surrogate mother for that egg, is this really the future that we all want for our children? It reminds you of “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley where babies come into the world via test tubes! So how will all of this fit in with you becoming a grandmother or grandfather and what of these children that are being born this way, how will these gay couples tell their children who their mother is? How will you explain to them that one woman donated the egg whilst another woman merely provided growth for that egg and that you were also created via a test tube?!!”

And then we look on the birth certificate for Elton John’s children and we read that Elton is the father and his partner is the mother! No ill will or hatred towards Elton John here, or his partner, you find your heart even going out to him in all of this because he spent a lot of lonely days once and has a long history of drug addiction and so he eventually found a partner who helped cure all of this I suppose so it must be quite a struggle for gay people and this has to be acknowledged here but can it also be likened to a lot of struggles that people face and what St Paul called a thorn in the flesh? So yes, even saints have struggles with sins that they can’t so easily shake off! Nobody quite knows what St Paul’s sin was that he couldn’t shake off and we’re not saying here that he was gay but he did acknowledge that he had a thorn in the flesh and the messenger of Satan that would continually buffet him along these lines, or in other words, this satanic messenger sent via Satan would continually try to push St Paul into this sin and so it has to be acknowledged that we all have our thorns in the flesh, we all have sins that we can’t so easily shake off. With one man it’s the lust for power, with another he can’t stop lying, with another its alcohol or drugs, with another its womanising or selfishness, the list is of course endless but nowadays we’re not supposed to put homosexuality on that list and we’re all supposed to assume that this is a natural desire in us all and that it doesn’t come under lust. Jesus said to always look at the fruits to find out what is right or wrong and the ultimate fruits when you look at Elton John’s life do appear to indicate that he has a thorn in the flesh that he has eventually yielded to, possibly he got married and tried to shake all of this off, he even sang out about salvation. I’ve heard that he still acknowledges that there is a God and we all wish that God would accept us as we are and who would deny that it’s hard sometimes when God tells you to do something that you just don’t want to do and goes against your inner nature (the flesh) so it’s hard for all of us but Someone has to be the Wise Judge Who holds up what’s right and best for us all and not everybody loves the Wise Judge, even when He’s right, judges are often hated no matter how fair they are so it’s not easy being God and people should realise that God is a long-suffering God and God knows everybody better than they know themselves. And so to end this here, here’s what Elton John said himself as quoted by the Mail Online:


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