Where There is No Vision the People Perish and… a “Flying Roll” – Zechariah Chapter 5 – Part 1


Simple Truth

Solomon in one of his proverbs said, “Where there is no vision, the people perish…” (Prov. 29:18) So if you take that literally and look at the bible as a whole then you have all of these people who are all operating as from and under a vision of some sort and there are literally thousands of visions all recorded in the bible and these visions have dramatically changed the course of history and people’s lives. The good thing about the people who had visions in the bible is that you can rely upon them, particularly if you are a Spirit filled Christian which of course millions of people are, then you read of these visions and you sense a presence of God when you read all these different accounts and so, to put it simply, if God is in it then there must be truth there! It doesn’t always follow that you understand completely what these people are saying but you do have a definite sense of God’s presence and Jesus Himself talking to you through these words so the first thing you need to do is to receive Jesus into your heart and ask Him to fill you with the pure and Holy Spirit of God and then look into these words and in doing this you will sense a definite spiritual presence of God and of Jesus in these words that were also written by people who were in God’s presence when they had these visions and wrote down these words.

Well, here is a man who had an interesting vision and not only did he have a vision but he was also approached by an angel, his name is Zechariah. He says here in Zechariah chapter 5 that he turned and lifted up his eyes and looked – and behold, what does he see? He sees a flying roll! Your first thought here might be that he’s talking about a flying Swiss roll or something similar but it turns out that what he actually saw was a scroll! 19 CROSSMAP AND BEHOLD A FLYING ROLL ZEC 5 1And then this angel says to Zechariah, “What seest thou?” And his answer to that was, “I see a flying roll; the length thereof is twenty cubits (1 cubit = 18 inches), and the breadth thereof ten cubits.” So this scroll appears to be an open scroll. And then the angel goes on to explain what this scroll means and he says, “…This is the curse that goeth forth over the whole earth: for everyone that stealeth shall be cut off (from God’s blessings) as on this side according to it;” So what the angel is saying here is that on one side of the scroll it’s saying that people that steal shall be cut off and then it goes onto say, “…and everyone that sweareth (falsely) shall be cut off as on that side according to it.” So on the other side of the scroll it’s talking about people that swear falsely being cut off. Cut off appears to mean what Jesus said in the New Testament, “If thy right hand offend thee cut it off.” Jesus didn’t mean this literally, He meant, speaking of the body of Christ, if one of your members offend you by continually turning to evil then you would be better off without that person than with them so you have to cut that person off even if perhaps you needed that person like you might need a right arm, if your right arm became gangrene then Jesus like a surgeon is saying that you need to cut it off or it will spread around the whole body.

And here we read in verse 4 that the angel goes on to speak, as speaking from God, from the Lord, and he says speaking of the scroll and the words that are written on both sides of the scroll, “I will bring it forth, saith the LORD of hosts, and it shall enter into the house of the thief, and into the house of him that sweareth falsely by my name: and it shall remain in the midst of his house, and shall consume it with the timber thereof and the stones thereof.” So this part of the vision and what the angel is saying papiros IIhere is quite shocking because he in effect is saying that this scroll is going to enter into people’s houses and it’s particularly pronouncing a curse on the thief and on him that swears falsely by the name of God and people won’t be able to get this scroll out of their house, it will remain there as if invisibly floating in the front room let’s say. Zechariah when writing this was particularly talking to his own people but on top of this, everything that’s written here in this bible will also be talking to the whole world so you might ask: what’s the big deal, not to say that it isn’t a big deal, when talking about the thief, aren’t there other things that people do wrong apart from stealing, why just the thief aspect of things? You can see clearly why it would be serious for people to swear falsely in God’s Name but what are the implications of being a thief here, especially when you consider that this scroll will evoke a curse on all those that steal? Well, when you zoom off into the New Testament and you consider the words of Jesus, He said “All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers” (John 10:8) and He’s largely talking here about false shepherds and the false leaders, the Pharisees of His day and He also said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a theif and a robber.” – So he that enters into the sheepfold any other way other than going through the door (Jesus) is a robber and a thief! So what do we have these days? We have all of these false prophets swearing falsely in God’s Name and in the Name of Jesus! They no-doubt come before Jesus as robbers and thieves but they don’t enter in through the door (Jesus) into the sheepfold, the only way they would get in through the door is if they give all of their falsehood up, if they stopped swearing in His Name that they are telling the truth when they are lying and if they stopped leading God’s sheep astray, they of course don’t do this but they do enter into the sheepfold another way and so as Jesus said, they are robbers and thieves!


So how many false prophets have we got these days that are swearing falsely in the Name of God, in the Name of Jesus, that they have seen a vision, that they have heard a voice, that they have even met Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jeremiah, Moses, John the Baptist, John the Beloved, Joseph, Elijah, Enoch – they’ve even met Jesus Himself and stood before Him and they appear to talk with Him mouth to mouth as Moses did when he talked to God – and they talk with all of these departed saints and prophets as you and I might talk to a neighbour over a fence but instead of talking to these departed saints and prophets over a fence, they say that they talk to these prophets and saints even before the throne of God! So how are we supposed to believe all of this as they make such staggering claims?!! They say they stand before Jesus and He stands before them, He appears on their right hand and they even give the date of these appearances and the time, they even say they meet giant angels with giant swords and the strange thing here is that the angels are always giant, they are always big. And to add to this madness they even say that they see scrolls just like Zachariah sees a scroll here.


It would be good for us all to have this scroll in our front rooms because of course it makes us fear God, it makes us want to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, it makes us picture ourselves perhaps in a courtroom and laying our hands on the Holy Bible as they do there or at least they used to and saying… “I swear to God to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” So in doing this we would be saying to God…

“Please please Lord Jesus, Lord God, help me to tell the truth. If I saw a vision and the vision came from You then I should say I saw this vision even if people hated me for the things I say and saw but still I have to tell the truth if the vision came from You. But if I didn’t see a vison and perhaps the whole thing was a figment of my imagination or I thought I saw a vison then whatever I did or didn’t see I tell the whole matter before You because You see all things, every robber and thief that comes before You You see them and every robber and thief that goes into the sheepfold to steal away Your sheep and even to fleece these sheep of their wealth and money and even to kill these sheep – You see them! So please Jesus, take away this curse from my house. I understand these words here to mean that if I do these evil things, namely swearing falsely in Your Name and becoming as a thief then You say here through Your prophet Zechariah that “my house will be consumed with the timber thereof and the stones thereof.” A house as I understand is built with both timber and stones and You (Jesus) said that we should build our house on the rock, so in other words, we should build our lives upon the rock and then our house will stand firm, our lives will stand sure but if we build our life on the sand, in other words, falsehood and lies, then the storms will come and our house will fall down and we will lose everything – In Jesus Name we pray, Amen”

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