Daniel 11 – Part 2 – In The Latter Time of Their Kingdom!

A lot of people find Daniel 11 very heavy reading, the real truth is that every word spoken here in Daniel 11 was spoken via an angel, this angel had such a powerful message to deliver here to both Daniel and mankind that Daniel found himself literally without strength, he was so literally without strength that he could barely even speak and so the angel strengthened him and told him that the message was for the time of the end. In a further conversation he told Daniel that the words of this prophecy would be somewhat sealed up, to add to this Jesus Himself tells us all to look into the prophecies of Daniel concerning the time of the end. Seeing as we have Jesus telling us to look into these prophecies then surely if we look into these prophecies then Jesus Himself will tell us what these things mean. God willing, let him that readeth (or listens) understand.


About Simple Truth

We are sorry to have to suggest that we have a whole generation these days that has been, in a sense, spiritually castrated from birth. If you feel you are in a wilderness and that something is seriously missing from your life, then this could be the place for you. Our hope here is to offer some simple explanations as well as some simple realities, addressing the spiritual need in all.
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3 Responses to Daniel 11 – Part 2 – In The Latter Time of Their Kingdom!

  1. gitardood says:

    definitely important to pay attention to Daniel (and Ezekiel , Zechariah, Isaiah, Jeremiah too). I left u a note @ keyblades YouTube


  2. Simple Truth says:

    Thanks for your interest here, hope you picked up on the main message, that being the king of the North vs the king of the south. Also we would all be wise to home in on verse 21 that talks of the vile king that will soon stand up, it of course particularly homes in on this king as being the king that stands up in the latter time of their (four generals) kingdom, this of course has to be the antichrist who will be the king of the north. We weren’t sure where the note was on Keyblades YouTube having looked? Thanks anyway!


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