Quickened by the Flesh or Quickened by the Spirit?!!


Simple Truth

The word “quickened” is an interesting word because it in short means – One: To make or become faster or quicker; Two: To stimulate, excite, or make alive. Interestingly enough, we have a world that is sped up so in this day ‘n’ age everyone wants everything quick, fast, and even yesterday, they want everything quick and fast because they believe that it’s more stimulating and exciting that way and it makes them feel alive, or so they think! So the two dictionary versions in this respect tend to go together quite well which kind of begs the question: Does everyone really feel so alive and pepped up and stimulated by the day ‘n’ age or has everything become frenzied and hectic?

When you look at all the things that people get into then this too has been whipped up, pepped up, and has become frenzied so everything at this point has become high-pitched and so we have all these high-pitched salesmen whipping us all up into a frenzy and 29-07-2016-1469827304sexo-sbre-ruedas-92-300x187trying to get us to buy something. The whole thing really reminds you of these striptease artists who whip their audience up into a frenzy of excitement, taking them for every penny that they’ve got, and at the end of it all they all end up with nothing! In the book of Revelation, the whole thing is summed up as being the Whore of Babylon and funny enough even St John marvelled when he saw the Whore of Babylon and he even wondered with great admiration but I’m sure this all came down to earth and crashing when the angel said unto him “…wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman.” (Revelation 17:7) The mystery of the woman was that she was riding on a beast that came out of the pit of hell! So where does she lead us all if we go with her? The answer to that is that she leads us down into the bottomless pit, or in other words, the dismal abyss of horrible nothingness! It all boils down to a whipped up frenzy of excitement and one big fantastic NOTHING!!! – and on top of all that, she takes you for everything that you’ve got, she sucks you in and spits you out dry! The book of Revelation even symbolizes this by saying, “…the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.” (Revelation 17:2)


This Whore of Babylon also has the kings of the earth in her back pocket and so the Whore of Babylon is summed up as being big business so it is big business that is whipping us up into this big frenzy of excitement about the flesh and so everyone thinks they are being quickened by the flesh, or in other words, they think this whole thing is making them feel so alive, whereas the real reality is that people are dead in sins and trespasses against God because the whole thing is anti-God and anti-Christ, it’s all about lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, lovers of self more than lovers of God and one of the sins that is being made manifest these days that is supposed to be making people feel more alive is the sin of gay sex and so of late we have all of these gay parades maspalomas-gay-pride-4and all of this dancing through the high-streets and all of this whipped up frenzy and we’re all supposed to wonder with great admiration right? But then you look at the statistics of all the sexually transmitted diseases including Aids amongst gay men and this too you find is rife! Jesus said, “Wherefore by their fruits shall ye know them” so there’s clearly something wrong here and of course you wonder again, “is all of this really leading to true happiness?” Here in the UK they danced under the slogan of “Love Happens Here” so sad to say that although people are looking for REAL love they are not going to find it through the lusts of the flesh! It is ONLY the Spirit that quickens us and makes us alive and it has to be the RIGHT SPIRIT! St Paul talked about “the course of this world and the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience” and so when we look at the course of the world then we are really looking at the “prince of the power of the air and the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience” – and he’s the biggest salesman of them all! Right from the very beginning he tried to get Adam & Eve into the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life!


So whenever we look at the course that this world is taking us then we should be very careful here because you have to consider who is holding the reigns of all this and what’s driving it all and a lot of people are reaching the point where they really do feel dead in their sins and trespasses in that all of this frenzied lust has died out in them, they have had their fill of the world and everything that it has to offer and in this they burnt in their lusts, but there comes a time when even the fire of lust burns out and you’re left with nothing but ashes and cinders and no matter how much you try to rekindle that fire, you cannot, because your lusts are all burnt out inside of yourself! It’s times like this when people have come to the end of their road only to find it’s another dead end and there really is no place to go anymore, you’ve tried everything and it all left you feeling dead – dead in your heart, dead and empty in your mind, hollow and empty in your spirit, nothing but husks left for your flesh, the frenzy of your flesh all died out and you’re left with nothing but a horrible vile and crawling flesh lust feeling so you realise what  a vile savage you really are without God!

shutterstock_160740506So it’s times like this when we realise what the word sin means and so to realise you’re a sinner is to realise that you need God! You feel so dry and empty inside and you have this horrible aching void in your heart that just can’t be filled by the world and all of it’s flesh lust, you feel like you need the oil of the Spirit because your mind has become like an empty void and like wheels that won’t turn anymore, you can’t take it anymore, you can’t even look at the screen anymore because you’ve seen so many films, you’ve watched so many YouTubes, your eyes just can’t take in another image, and why? Because the whole thing is spiritless and spiritual death, the whole thing is down to the flesh and not the Spirit, you’re sick of feeling like a desert and so what is the cure? You need the water of God’s Spirit that can only come through Jesus! Jesus gave His flesh for your flesh. When Jesus died on the cross He died in your sins and your trespasses and NOT His own, He died so that He would become alive again when He was quickened by God’s Spirit so by receiving Jesus into our heart, we too can be quickened and made alive by God’s Spirit! So simply acknowledge your death like state here and receive Jesus into your heart and He will make you alive spiritually, Jesus said, “It is the spirit that quickeneth, the flesh profitteth nothing” so spiritually we need to eat His flesh and drink His blood meaning that we accept that He gave His life for our life so we need to die to the flesh as He did so that we can live in the Spirit like He does. Jesus is spiritually alive today and He’s as REAL as He ever was, all you need to do is ask Jesus spiritually into your heart and in doing this He will set you free from the nagging and crawling lust of your flesh. If you understand this and you do this then I can give you a true guarantee here that this WILL WORK for YOU, I can say this because it has worked for me and countless others too!



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2 Responses to Quickened by the Flesh or Quickened by the Spirit?!!

  1. Nice post. May God help us from the sinful nature of modern living


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