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Hearing from God is largely feeling from God because God is a very feeling and passionate God and of course the very embodiment of God is Jesus Himself and so when we are hearing and feeling from God we are hearing and feeling from Jesus and very often when we are hearing from Jesus we are hearing and feeling from an angel or a departed saint.

11744-woman-sunset-sky-silhouette-wide.1200w.tnSo all being said, what do you hear when you hear from God? The reality is that most people don’t hear an audible voice and one of the best descriptions of hearing from God is that of a “Still Small Voice” (1Kings 19:12) that kind of speaks inside of yourself somewhere to both your mind, heart, & spirit, and all you know is that you know what was said though no audible words were actually spoken, you just know and you can’t explain it! But it doesn’t really stop there because very often that voice can be attached to a person or even a situation that God is bringing your attention to and it’s not just your attention that God is bringing to that person but there is usually a situation there that God has feelings about so it could be approving feelings or disapproving feelings that you are actually getting from God. The approving feelings come in strong when God approves of what you are doing and the choices you are making or you could get strong disapproving feelings when God disapproves of what you are doing and sometimes there is a definite intervention here in that you are specifically aware of the presence of a supernatural agent and messenger from God who has been specifically sent or perhaps he or she was there all along but on this occasion there is a decision made by that angel or departed saint, whichever, to intervene here and no-doubt that angel or departed saint would have heard from Jesus Himself.


And so the word angel actually means: messenger. So an angel can be a messenger or a departed saint can be classified as a messenger also and therefore he or she is an angel too. Anyway, this angel will come in very strong sometimes and express some very strong feelings as to how Jesus is feeling about all of this, depending upon what you are doing, be it right or wrong, or depending up what someone else is doing, whether it’s right or wrong. So in a lot of ways it all boils down to approving or disapproving and with approving and disapproving feelings you could say that there are different levels here because God can sometimes strongly disapprove because the matter is extremely serious or He can mildly disapprove because the matter is not so serious and of course anything in between, and the same goes for the other end of the spectrum when God approves. So we should have no allusions here that Jesus is very thoughtful and very much involved in our lives and situations and the same goes for the angels, they are very much as they say, on the ball.

Another way that God speaks to us is when He sends leanness to our souls or not, so everything is not always mandatory, it’s often a matter of choice. God likes to see what choices we are going to make and He doesn’t always intervene strongly though of course sometimes He does with these specific visitations so when it’s a matter of choice and you make the wrong choices or go in the wrong directions then what often happens is that God withdraws His Spiritual Presence from you and you find this horrible emptiness and if you carry on down that road then you find yourself in this horrible empty void and if you continue further down that road then it doesn’t take long before you are in the dismal abyss of horrible nothingness and clearly you have gone down a dead end street and cull de sac – so get out of there fast or you’ll find yourself hanging out with all the dead beats! So by quickly turning around here you will find the Spirit of God coming back into you, a bit like the prodigal son where God quickly ran out to meet his long lost son and welcomed him back home.


So the presence of God in all of this is very very important, especially when you fall in love. Jesus Who Himself is likened unto a door says, “I am he that shutteth and no man openeth and openeth and no man shutteth.” So you could say that people are also like doors and there are some people who’s lives you are meant to walk into and there are people who are meant to come through your door and walk into your life and one of the most wonderful times when this happens is of course when you fall in love. It’s as if when you fall in love that a lot of these other doors in your life are shutting and some of them are slamming tightly shut or are even locked, a bit like no more clowning around with your friends and tripping off into useless places and pursuits, so all of these doors suddenly all shut and there is only one door left open for you and there he is or there she is and so these two people, male and female, are about to become one flesh and so for this cause will the man and the woman leave their father and mother to become one flesh so even the doors are shutting there at home with their mother and father, though the mother and father’s door doesn’t necessarily shut tight but you don’t go in and out of that door so much now that you are falling in love, all you know is that you have this overwhelming feeling that’s coming from both God and yourself and you have this irresistible insatiable desire to be with this one person above all else. From the girl’s perspective he means everything to her and from the man’s perspective, she means everything to him and all you want to do is experience the ultimate expression of God’s 20141124171976427642Love in getting married and becoming one flesh, you so need the body of Christ that she needs the body of him and he needs the body of her and it’s that physical union that brings you close to the Spirit of God in each other and you sometimes wonder if even the angels are enjoying this union in that they work so hard to bring you both together so all of these feelings that you were having for each other were all coming from God, you both heard from God and the feelings you had for each other were all coming from God and what also comes into play here is “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” (Isaiah 26:3) So you have great trust in the presence of Jesus in each other and therefore you only have eyes for each other and therefore for Jesus in each other and so all those waves and troubled seas quickly become less troubled now and you find yourself walking on air as they say.

So what a difference love makes and of course there should be love in all the body of Christ although at different levels and so we all have our companions and friends that we love to work with and this too is the body of Christ and when we find that true balanced unity with each other then we all find that we can walk on the waters with Jesus with our eyes totally fixated on Him – so it’s all down to feeling and hearing from Him, either directly, or through and from each other.

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  1. I think the discussion of spiritual guidance in this article was very informative and enlightening. It also confirms many of my own personal experiences. Thanks for a solid edification in this article. I must admit, I will miss you guys and your articles when you leave the blogging sphere, you folks definitely have a lot of intriguing ideas to share.


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