Great Signs from Heaven and a Premature New World Order!


Simple Truth

There is much talk these days of a New World Order when the actual fact of the matter is that we do actually need a New World Order. Even in the Bible it talks of a kind of a NWO when it says, “let everything be done in decency and order.” And yes, in connection with the NWO you hear about agenda 21 and agenda 30 etc. and this as a fake NWO all talks of decency and order, good sanitary, clean water, clean living, and so-called brotherly love and mutual respect for each other etc…

So what’s letting down the New World Order and stopping it from being birthed? Well, remarkably enough, what’s holding back its birth is Capitalism and so they have to get Capitalism out of the way first and if anyone wants to picture Mystery Babylon the Great then they should picture Capitalism because Capitalism is all about excessive screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-18-23-58materialistic lust and so this is the Whore of Babylon – excessive materialistic lust! So, believe it or not, the New World Order actually wants to do away with the Whore of Babylon and therefore excessive materialistic lust, they don’t mind having excessive materialistic lusts for themselves because they want the whole world and they want to own and run everything including YOU and ME because at the other end of all of this excessive lust is slaves and the souls of men! So what have they done? They first created the Whore of Babylon and they used her to corrupt mankind and to bring mankind into a stupor through excessive lust, and therefore, we read that they got drunk with The Whore, or in other words, she made them drunk and being drunk with The Whore here in the book of Revelation symbolises excessiveness. So she’s done her worst and what do we now have other than a wicked and adulterous generation and a very materialistically wicked and adulterous generation!

So you might ask: “How are they ever going to do away with The Whore and therefore excessive materialism when people are so hung up on The Whore and materialism?” Well, the reality is that they are going to bring in, as they are already, the worship of science and technology and so a scientific god and the image of the beast (Antichrist) will be the new form of worship and let’s face it, material worship and science is religion, it’s mammon worship, the worship of money and things and so we will have the mark of the beast, or in other words, the number of the beast which is the name of the beast! And then you may well ask yourself: “So what if this Whore brought in famine (bankruptcy), and disease?” Well, then it all starts to make sense because that’s just what The Whore of Babylon will no-doubt bring in because all of this excessive living and greed is using up the earth’s resources big time and so if we carry on the way ca51aefb4c0f401fb904919dd0b1922awe are then it’s simple Math and the simple domino effect and pure logic tells us that we can’t possibly carry on the way we are and so the NWO is about to give the whole world a reality check along these lines and at the same time they wish to do away with The Whore (Capitalism) and prematurely they wish to bring us into a New World Order of decency and order and to do this they have to bring in a new form of religion! If people wake up and see that the old Whore has failed and has brought them famine in that they spent all their money on her, and disease, due to the break down of the old order, then people will wake up to how disease riddled thy all are and have been all along, particularly when there is a breakdown of any form of decency and order that we now have and so the world will be ripe for the picking but they will need a new religion for people so they will have to replace the old religion of mammon worship and Whore worship with a new form of worship and a new form of order but…what do they have to work with? They have an evil and adulterous generation to work with and at the same time they need to bring this evil and adulterous generation into a new form of worship and away from the old form of “Mystery Babylon The Great” worship, excessive materialistic living worship!

And so you find yourself thinking of the words of Jesus, Jesus found Himself feeling grieved time and time again when people kept coming up to Him and crowds would even come up to Him saying, “Show us a sign! Show us a sign! Show us a sign from Heaven!” It wasn’t that they hadn’t seen enough signs already from Jesus Himself, it was more that they were trying to get away from all of the signs and wonders that Jesus had already performed and so they kind of came up with “Show us a sign from Heaven! Show us a sign from Heaven!”


But Jesus straightly answered them and said, “…an evil an adulterous generation seeketh after a sign.” The word adulterous here means: people who were going to bed with The Whore and so He was speaking to people back then who were God’s people, the Jews, and so God was in a sense married to the Jews and they were committing spiritual adultery in going to bed with excessive materialism and therefore The Whore of Babylon. And you also had non Jewish people and non religious people who were fornicating with The Whore and so, in other words, they weren’t married to God in the religious sense but they were still going to bed with The Whore, so fornicating with The Whore.

So how do the New World Order bring in a new religion and at the same time bring in a new form of materialistic worship? They dearly need a great sign from Heaven and so Jesus talked of the end-times and He said that there would indeed be famines and pestilence but we have to remember that some of these famines and pestilences are manmade and on top of this there will be great signs from Heaven so people will eventually get their great signs from Heaven and these signs won’t come from the hand of Jesus because we also read that they came tempting Jesus, asking for a sign from Heaven, but He wouldn’t give them this sign because again He said, “…an evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign.” e9c54228f97c4f01949eec9127378bce(Matt. 12:39) Jesus also on another occasion said, “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.” (John 5:43) This “him” of course that people will receive will be “he” that comes in his own name (the name of blasphemy) – The Antichrist! And clearly, these great signs that come from Heaven, a lot of them will come from “his” (The Antichrist’s) hand and will be in demonstration of who he is and who he thinks he is, in that he thinks he is the true saviour of the world and that it is he who is going to bring in the New World Order of so-called decency and order but the whole thing will be premature, it will be so premature that just like a premature baby, it will have a very short lifespan of only three and a half years as opposed to the REAL New World Order of decency and order that will bring in the TRUE thousand year reign of Christ on earth and with the coming of Jesus we really will see great signs from Heaven in that we will see the coming of the Son of Man a1a9c64191f5e9dd08bcc4a71a4d7435appearing in the clouds of Heaven with Great Glory and He shall send forth His angels to gather together his elect from the four winds as opposed to the Devil and his angels who actually get thrown out of Heaven into the earth and gather together their elect on earth, the leaders of the NWO, who think they are going to bring in the new order and reign here for even thousands of years.

So look up and look up for the True Sign of the Son of Man Himself, appearing in the clouds of Heaven with Great Glory Who will indeed, gather together His elect from the four winds and so away with the New World Order once and for all and bring in the TRUE NEW WORLD ORDER of decency and order, The Thousand Year Reign of Christ on Earth!c1400d39ed8f3e959d9504c6463cdd16

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3 Responses to Great Signs from Heaven and a Premature New World Order!

  1. We are definitely approaching the end for sure. When I use cash to pay for products at the shop the cashiers get angry with me and say, “nobody uses cash anymore.” The cashless society is here. I agree that the only thing thats going to stop the evil and the devil is the second coming of Jesus Christ. The second coming of Jesus is definitely approaching.


  2. Simple Truth says:

    Yes, it is completely as you say, we absolutely agree with you.


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