Spiritual Death and the Pale Horse


Simple Truth

Here in the UK, and possibly on the Worldwide Media at large, you could say that the so-called oracle of God has spoken. The word “Oracle” means a place of divine utterance  but it can also mean a place of not so divine utterance and so in short, the great oracle of the Worldwide media has spoken and has acknowledged that there is a definite problem with so-called mental illness out there and so they have all of these famous people and even members of the Royal Family opening up about their mental health issues.

The Worldwide media knows and even the rogue president, President Nixon, acknowledged the power of the media when he said, “The American people don’t believe anything is real until they see it on television.” So what they are acknowledging as being real is that there is a very real problem out there in society at large concerning mental health issues and so they are telling people to open up about this and to seek professional help and so no-doubt you have all of these people going off to seek help pills-money-pharma-735-350from their local GP. And what can he do other than what they usually do? – they usually give people anti-depressants and endless supplies of drugs and so sad to say, we now have millions of people all addicted to prescription drugs. But when you think about it, what is the underlying cause of all these mental health issues which in short they call depression? Of course, there could be all kinds of reasons for depression and a lot of it appears to all boil down to insecurity, or better said, perpetual nightmarish fear and insecurity!

Even words like anxiety and panic attacks have widespread use these days. Only on the news last night there was a woman who had been told to leave her flat in her tower block because of the dangerous cladding that that tower block had and all of this being in connection with the Grenfell Tower fire horror of late. The poor woman was in a state of perpetual insecurity and she was saying how she was having endless panic attacks over the whole horror of having to suddenly leave her somewhat safe abode and to return she Artikel_Sleep_and_Depressionknows not when! So people are on the brink of being traumatised. The word “anxiety” itself means: uncertainly so if a person is having an anxiety attack then they are actually having an uncertainty attack, or in other words, a said panic attack and if there is no solution to be found then that uncertainty attack and panic attack will become trauma based and so the poor person will end up both traumatised and at the same time, paralyzed by fear!

So the Worldwide media knows all this and THEY, the big word “THEY” are acknowledging this. We have to remember that the person reading the news story is not the one who wrote the news story, he or she is simply reading from a script and the news isn’t necessarily the news, it’s called “The News” but it has more to do with propaganda and the cultivating of people than is acknowledged so through the news we are being taught how to view our world and how we should conduct our affairs and the news can seem extremely earthly and down-to-earth at the best of times but really, where is all this coming from and who are THEY? Have you ever stopped and wondered just who writes the news stories? You don’t see them on the television, you only see the news reader and all of this usually comes over from a pretty sound-minded looking and sounding news reader and they are very often from a wide variety of cultures and some of them you would say even seem like quite nice people, and who’s to say they aren’t! So all of this is very subtle and presents a very good mask to mask the real intent here and, oh dear, dare we suggest that there is a spiritual reality behind the down-to-earth sound-minded news and world-wide oracle!

And so we all have to ask ourselves: What is the great oracle telling us here and if the Devil is in the details, which he is, then what should we read between the lines here? Words are very real things and they are full of what you might call spiritual hooks and of course connected to a hook in the world of fishing is what’s called catgut, or in other5_JASONARNOLD words, the line that leads to the fisherman. They use catgut in fishing because it has a kind of invisible element to it and so underwater the line appears as invisible and the fish is more easily caught that way in that he simply sees a worm that has been placed over a hook and bites on it. What does the average fish think about when he’s down there in the muddy waters? He just thinks about his own domain, he doesn’t for the life of him think about that other dimension out there and it’s the same with most people here on earth, they are deliberately kept in the dark and earthbound with their nose to the grindstone via the media and societal structures as presented to them through the so-called sound-minded media and so what’s coming down the tube with all of this talk of mental health issues and what’s really at stake here? Could it be that so many people are starting to wake up and so they are starting to lose faith in the societal structure and all those norms that they have been fed for so many years now?

You would have to say that the Devil is a kind of a gambling man and he knows the Bible better than any man on earth and so from a gambling point of view he knows how to play his cards, he knows all too well that when people have nowhere else and nobody else to turn to that they could very well find themselves down on their knees and at wits end crying out to God and even finding God at times like this! So he has to make sure that he has that straight and narrow doorway (Jesus) covered and so what does he do? He points to the broad way and all of those witch doctors in there (talking spiritually) that would give people his drugs, the last thing he wants is for people to find the truth and therefore to find Jesus! He would also know the book of Revelation and how the book of Revelation exposes him when it talks of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse for instance. One of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse is called the Pale Horse and what does the Pale Horse do? It brings the world perpetual nightmarish fear, spiritual death as well as literal death, and hell on earth and hell hereafter, because death and hell followed with him. St John saw the pale horse in a vision and said:

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and hell followed with him (perpetual nightmarish eternal insecurity). And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts (politicians) of the earth.” Rev. 6:8.


 A forth part of the earth is where we all live because three quarters of the world is water and so on the news every night we witness scenes of people that are being killed with sword; sword here means war; and with hunger we frequently witness famines; and with death; death here means all sorts of death; and with the beasts of the earth, aside from beasts themselves this also means politicians who are also classified as beasts in the bible. And so what does all of this bring us other than a perpetual nightmarish fearful hellishly insecure spiritual death like existence on earth where people are literally paralysed by fear and wondering what’s to become of them and their children.

So ok, the last thing the Devil wants us to find out or find is the REAL TRUTH! So at times like this, if you are feeling that low and your life feels that empty and that pointless that there is nowhere else to turn and nobody else to turn to, you feel so low that maybe you feel that all you have is some kind of living spiritual death like existence of perpetual nightmarish insecure hell on earth then at times like this, cry out to Jesus! Abandon all and throw it all over to Jesus, throw your ship over to Jesus, put Him at the helm and He’ll steer you through those hellish seas, He’ll steer you through the darkest night and through your deepest sorrows and to the light of a better day – here and now, you can make the spiritual connection with Jesus Himself – He can be found! It’s the spiritual connection to Jesus that you are looking for so if you feel that your life is all broken up and even if you are on the verge of a breakdown then breakdown into the Everlasting Arms of Jesus because underneath are always the Everlasting Spiritual Arms, ever there to catch us when we fall!Jesus People-17

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3 Responses to Spiritual Death and the Pale Horse

  1. Jo-Blogs says:

    It brings to mind that pale green horse showing up in Cairo during the Muslim riots in 2011.

    The rider faced backward – boots facing backward in stirrups represents a funeral procession. It’s appropriate because Islam is backward. I hope the people there find Jesus, the way, the truth, and the life.


  2. Simple Truth says:

    Well, all being said, there is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death. Mankind goes all the wrong ways other than the right way which is Jesus’ way and what does he end up with? Everything the pale horse symbolises and that is death of all kinds. It’s interesting also how the pale horse is the fourth horse of the apocalypse and so the wages of sin is death.

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