Loneliness and Colliding Worlds!



Simple Truth

It is so sad for so many millions and even billions of people here that the safest haven they will have ever known was that of the womb and of course you do wonder if even in the womb there were times when we all got lonely and interestingly enough, John the Baptist when he was only six months old in the womb of Elizabeth, he leapt in her womb because the presence of Jesus came into the room via the womb of Mary and Jesus in Mary’s womb would at this time have been only three months old. And so what a wonderful testimony to life in the womb and even a wonderful testimony to two worlds that didn’t collide with each other. And so we are all born into this world after nine months in the womb and we leave our wonderful safe haven there to be born into a world where it’s all about seeking safe havens from ever colliding worlds!

So many people have been born into a world where even their parents didn’t get on with each other and they find themselves lost in all of that crossfire and if their mother was a world and their father was a world then they would be viewed as colliding worlds and so so many children are left lost in their own lonely worlds and so they feel lost on a lonely planet where nobody loves them. So yes, it doesn’t take long for us all to find out that life’s all about colliding worlds here on planet earth and of course it shouldn’t be that way.

4822121599_97585d692c_bMany of us have perhaps sat on a lonely beach or a lonely hill or some other lonely place and looked out at the stars at night and you see order out there but you maybe wonder if there are colliding worlds out there too, surely it has to be all order out there amongst the stars and you can’t help but think of how sad it would be if the constellations and the stars had disorder amongst them too! The sun always finds its same course and always has done for thousands of years now and for the moon it’s the same and the stars stay in their same place but what if some of those stars chose to leave their predestined course and started to collide with one another? Well, sad to say, if you look into scriptures then you find symbolically that this proves to be true, that some stars up there (angels) left their predestined course (became fallen angels) and so from then onwards we have this serious disorder even amongst the stars, symbolically speaking, and this disorder has spilled over into our world here and so in this sense we have a whole universe of colliding worlds.


God once told Abraham that God’s children are like stars so we are all one way or another like the stars, or we are like worlds, but sad to say, the stars and the worlds are too often colliding one with another and so many many people don’t get on with each 14067525447_f95470d8a6_bother anymore. Mothers and fathers argue one with one another and eventually divorce, children are caught up in the crossfire in all of this and take refuge in their lonely bedrooms and seek solace through drugs, alcohol, crime, and even violence, great nations fight with one another and can never agree, and even amongst all the great religions of the world we see the same colliding world scenarios break out, and sad to say, even amongst all of these great religions we have what you might call wondering stars with so many different factions within those religions that people can’t possibly get on one with another anymore. And even when you look into the world of sexuality to find your place amongst the sexes you wonder how on earth this could ever have happened, that there are even colliding worlds there too. In life’s origins here there were only two sexes, there was male and there was female and now you have the colliding worlds of straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transvestite, trisexual, neither one or the other, or you can have a complete sex change or you can take tablets that do the same etc. etc…

So where do we find refuge from the storms and all of this loneliness that sets in and will all of these colliding worlds ever get along with each other and find some form of constellation and order? And what of this growing divide between the rich and the poor and even you would have to say between the rich and elitists and all of this crazy colliding world of economics amongst the have’s and the have not’s and those that would be rich or would be poor. Are people really supposed to find themselves so seriously lost and on their own planet and lost in some lonely lonely world where they feel the need to push everyone else away? girl-lonely-with-computerThis is what we now have with even millions of young people who are now driven into a lonely lonely non-human contact world online where they all meet up via the Internet but rarely ever meet up in person anymore and so how are these young people ever supposed to survive? How are they ever going to find another partner even or a nice refuge being a house to live in and to raise children in? Your heart really does go out to these young people growing up in all this!

There is one thing that we should all truly know and understand in all of this though and that is that God’s orbit is always set, He is like the sun that always rises up and goes down and so the sun will be there tomorrow morning and tomorrow night when the same sunlight is reflected by the moon at night and so we are all in a kind of a night here at this present time that a lot of people are calling the end-time. We must always remember though that there is still light because we have the moonlight, and yes, the moon is the lesser light that rules the night but it is still a reflection of the sunlight so as Jesus said, “And when these things begin to come to pass (disorder a chaos), then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28) – look up to the sunlight and unlike the sun, Jesus won’t blind your eyes. Look up even to the moon because even the moon reflects the sunlight and look at all those stars up there and the order and constellation amongst the stars and you can be one of those stars and find true order in your life and your place in it all. God has a special place for every one of His stars and therefore, every one of His children – your place amongst the stars can be forever because the same stars come out every night and they have done for thousands of years now and will continue to do so when you die and leave here. You don’t need to feel like all is lost, you don’t have to feel that you are just one big lost and lonely colliding world, just let the Love that He will put within you, shine like the sunlight in your eyes, look up and see the beautiful sunlight, look and see the sunlight that’s reflected by the moon and look up at all those beautiful stars and ask yourself: “Can I be one of them and even light up the night sky?”


Simply take the Love of Jesus into your heart, just as the sunlight can brighten up your eyes and warm your hungry heart, so Jesus can feed your hungry heart with His Love. Just let the Love that He would put within YOU, shine like the sunlight in your eyes. Ask Jesus into your heart and realign yourself with HIM and you’ll find your spiritual orbit amongst the constellation there!

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