Diligent LOVE and the Game of LIFE!


Simple Truth

Diligent love is a highly attentive love because true love is more attentive to the needs of others than it is to the needs of oneself so diligent love is also a team spirited love and a highly sensitive love and therefore diligent love is so so important, especially in today’s high-powered information highway world where people’s attention span is being stretched to the limits.

All being said, how does anyone maintain a team spirited approach to life’s problems these days? Life is a game of give and take and give and take sees the needs of another and not just the needs of oneself and so we have to adopt a diligent approach and be very very attentive to the needs of other people around us and this is the only way that life will ever work because diligence comes into everything in life, if it’s ever going to imgwork that is, because life and love is a rewarder of those who diligently seek it, or in other words, “…God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” (Hebrews 11:6) So God (Love) is the ultimate goal in life and as team players we should be diligently seeking to score into that goal, that goal being love and so love has its rewards when we score a goal (get it right).  And so, again, God, or in other words, Love, is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Note the word “them” here in this verse, them could either be an individual person or a group of people that the author is speaking to and so as individuals we all have to team up together and work alongside each other diligently.

Using the game of football as an example here, it’s diligence in that game that makes every goal possible, every player has to diligently stick to his position on the football pitch and at the same time they have to self-sacrificially share and pass that ball to each other as team players and as is so often the case in the game of football, it is the most noticia_1.1_0diligent team and team spirited team that actually gets all the goals. The word “diligence” itself means: unfailing effort – and so it doesn’t miss a trick! A winger in the game of football can run up and down the pitch and never be needed and the same would be true of the centre forward but each one has to diligently put himself or herself in the right position at all times in case they are needed because that winger could suddenly kick that ball over to the centre forward and so the centre forward has to be in the right place at the right time and even ready to pass that ball if needed in order to score the goal and so diligence creates a highly efficient team and brings in order and balance through unfailing effort. It also brings in faith because everyone has good reason to believe that they can actually win in this game because everyone has faith in each other’s abilities and therefore has faith that each team player will make their moves for the benefit of the whole team and not just for the glory of themselves. And so if anything is glorified here then it has to be Love! The true team spirit of Love and the diligent spirit and goal of Love.

God’s Love is the ultimate goal here and God is also like the manager who sees everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and is always doing His part in diligently working with every player as well as the whole team in order to strengthen their approach towards the ultimate goal in life as well as even the defence of it with His defence players. And so God willing, as good players in the game of life, we will one day enter into the joy of the Lord when He will say unto us:

 “…Well done thou good and faithful servant…enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. (Matthew 25:21)


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