Falling in Love – Only YOU!


Simple Truth

It’s interesting that someone coined the phrase “falling in love.” It’s not always clear what they had in mind or how the phrase “falling in Love” came into being so when you think about the phrase, you find yourself thinking: “What are you falling into when you fall in love?” Perhaps they mean that it was like falling, in that falling in love is like gravity, it’s irresistible and so you get this irresistible pull that you can’t resist and so in that sense you fall in love, or perhaps better said, you fall into love!

It’s also interesting that people who fall in love tend to fall from their lofty estates and when you see them in love with whoever they fall in love with, they are often sweet and soft as a lamb and even childlike. And many many people stumble upon love in that they were going about their daily lives and going along their beaten paths and one day this stone kind of got in their way and they stumbled upon this stone and fell. At first they found the stone a bit of a nuisance to them in that it caused them to fall and even brought them down from their lofty estates and humbled them and even made them think again about the course they were on and the direction they were headed and so in falling upon this stone, unbeknownst to them, they were falling into what’s called the “everlasting arms!” So falling into love is quite fitting when you consider the everlasting arms of love that you fall into and of course the everlasting arms are often embodied by either one of the sexes and so you could say that it is Jesus Who tripped you up along your way in that you stumbled upon Him and so He brought you down from your pride and out of your daily routine and as is so often with Jesus, the stone, and the everlasting arms that He tripped you up and into, is that these everlasting arms are so often the very person that you fall in love with and so many many people fall in love every day and sad to say, so many people don’t even realise that it is God in and through that person Who they are falling in love with!


It is so true when people say that marriages are made in Heaven and if that’s true, which it is, then you’d have to say that both love and romance were made in Heaven. Everyone loves the irresistible gravitation pull of love and romance and so everyone loves falling into Love and of course they even love falling into the arms of Love, the everlasting arms are always underneath, always there and ready to catch us when we fall! And so Jesus is kind of crafty here, in the good sense of the word, in that like a stone we stumbled upon Him and it was Him Who tripped us up and brought us down from our lofty estates and into the very arms of love – because underneath are always the everlasting arms – always there and waiting for us to fall into them!


So look out for love and look out for those wonderful people who are the very embodiment of love! And yes, there are even millions of people who still fall in love and God is so merciful here in that they embody His Love. And so two people fall in love and they don’t even know that they are falling into the everlasting arms of Love! God is that merciful and that loving and that caring and that longsuffering and that giving in that He will even take a back seat when it comes to love, He will often never get the credit for love, He’ll never get the thanks and recognition He deserves! He draws up so many plans every day for so many people to stumble and fall into love but He will never get the thanks for any of those wonderful plans and those wonderful stories that people tell about how they first met and how they fell in love and how they eventually married.


But…ALL Praise to God and ALL Praise to Love! And so sad that He so often never gets a look in, He’s kind of like the chafffeur who drives the couple to their honeymoon and little do these newlyweds know that it is Him all along and that it is God Who just loves to see people fall into love and fall into the everlasting arms of Love! So Thank You Jesus for all Your Love and Thank You God for Your “Everlasting Arms” of Love!

“Only You (And You Alone)”

Only You can make all this world seem right
Only You can make the darkness bright
Only You and You alone
Can thrill me like You do
And fill my heart with love for Only You

Only You can make all this change in me
For it’s true, You are my destiny
When You hold my hand
I understand the magic that You do
You’re my dream come true
My one and Only You

Only You can make all this change in me
For it’s true, You are my destiny
When You hold my hand
I understand the magic that You do
You’re my dream come true
My one and Only You

One and Only YOU!



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