Spiritual Warfare!


Simple Truth

We really are in a spiritual battle. There are people that don’t even know there is such a thing as the Spirit or even getting into the Spirit, they wouldn’t even know what you were talking about when you talk about getting into the Spirit, but getting into the Spirit is what the whole battle is all about because being in the Spirit is your whole lifeline and who cares if people think you are some kind of spiritual addict, well yes sir indeed, we are spiritual addicts and we find ourselves addicted to the Spirit of Jesus Christ!

Once Jesus Christ Himself enters your life you can’t help but find yourself becoming a spiritual addict and we use the word addict because we are living in an extreme day ‘n’ age and a day ‘n’ age of extreme addictions. Years ago people used to say “what’s your trip?” but nowadays you would find it more fitting to say “what’s your addiction?” and of course, along with all these addictions that people have you find this growing middle wall of partition that is ever growing between us all and so here lies the big big problem, that this middle wall of partition grows ever taller by the minute and by the day and by the hour, not to mention the weeks, months, and years! And so you have millions of people all going through their own private little hells and so the battle has to be all about breaking down this middle wall of partition and getting it together with other spiritually minded people but…they have to be spiritually minded or you are not going to get it together!!!


And how do we break down this middle wall of partition? We very simply bring in the Name of Jesus and the Person of Jesus Who is attached to that Name of Jesus and zap!!! That middle wall of partition evaporates and falls flat and then you quickly click together, in the Spirit, through the Spirit, of the Spirit, by the Spirit, and so when two or three people are gathered together in His Name, there is He in the midst of them – instead of the middle wall of partition!

And so who or what is the middle wall of partition? What is it that divides us all? We are divided by a real real enemy and you could say that we are divided by two or even three real enemies. Enemy number one you could say is yourself and your flesh; our flesh is so demanding and so utterly utterly selfish and self consuming and even lusty. Then you could say that you have enemy number two and that is the self-consuming fleshly lusting flesh of others and so you have all these flesh addicts as opposed to spiritual addicts, all trying to get it together and gather together but through the wrong spirit, and of all things, they are trying to get it together through the very spirit of division and therefore castoutthe very spirit of the insane one, enemy number three, the real enemy!  And the insane one that’s trying to walk amongst us these days is the fallen one and the fallen one has always been Lucifer! And so this is GoodSalt.com-jdtas0002where we have to point our sword, at the very heart and core of the whole problem and problems that we all face, we need to take up the white hot sword of the Spirit and cut the Devil to the heart, “lay it on him, sock it to him – the Devil is a liar and the father of lies and he can’t stand the truth and he’ll turn tail and run” and you kind of see him running as you do! And don’t forget to cut off his wicked tail because it is with his tail that he drew down a third part of the stars and therefore he has a third part of the angels of God on his side but there are still more with us than there are with him!

So we really really are in a war of the worlds and a war of the spirit and of war of words and a war of passions! The war of words that we all find ourselves in all boils down to a war of passions and by passions you have to see it in the Spirit and not the flesh. We are either yielded to the arm of the flesh or the arm of the Spirit and the arm of the flesh will always fail us, the arm of the Spirit is of course Christ in us the hope of Glory, His Glory Satanaeland not our own! Pride always goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall and this you could say is how Satan fell and how a third of these angels all fell in that they got into pride and a haughty spirit and now they have a whole world of people into pride and a haughty spirit and again, we are talking about the wrong spirit and the haughtiness of the flesh. But where is it getting us all other than into the very spirit of division and competition itself! So this is the very wall of partition that we have to break down. We really do have to humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord and even take the high high risk of humbling ourselves in the sight of each other. Without Jesus we are absolutely nothing, we are nothing other than a horrible miserable crawling flesh 11410463_1467756156875196_263471311_nlust of a person who even finds himself curled up in a ball in the corner of his own dear selfish self-loving self-lusting padded cell! Anyone who has ever been there should surely testify that this is what you are when you are out of the Spirit and you reach that point when you really can’t stand it anymore, you can’t stand yourself, you hate yourself so much! So the words of Jesus come into full play again because He said, “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters (as in selfish fleshly relationships), yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple” and “He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world will keep it unto life eternal.” (Luke 14:26); (John 12:25)

And so this womb of darkness has a way of pushing you out and so you are re-born into the very Spirit of love and light and the light of day, Jesus being that light and that day! And once you know in your heart of hearts and you have seen with your spiritual eyes and not so much with your fleshly eyes that there is such a thing as the light of day and the light of Jesus, then you find that you are alive in the day and you don’t want to seek that horrible darkness that once enveloped you and held you back. And yes, sometimes it’s a battle, even when you first wake up in the morning it’s a battle because you are kind of re-born into your day every morning and the first thing we all need to do is to 47e7893a246f1710e6bc3b9136f0cf9breach for our sword as soon as we wake up and we even need to sleep under our shields because of the fiery darts of the wicked one and the ambushes that even come in the night, so we must be ever ready for the battle and put on the whole armour of God as soon as we wake up – we have a very very real enemy and we need to keep our flesh intact and under the armour, we cannot fight the enemy through the flesh because we are already beaten if we don’t put our armour on! And the whole battle has to be to break down this middle wall of partition and to seek unity with another person or persons who wish to do the same or even if they don’t wish to do the same then they should be doing the same because deep down underneath it all and underneath these false fronts and at the very core of every person is this tiny little baby that cries out, that never really stopped crying since the day he was born because underneath it all we are all crying out for Jesus, but sad to say, a world of people have been taught from birth to cry out for the wrong spirit and for the fleshpots of Egypt and so even our parents fed us from the fleshpots of Egypt from the day that we were born and so as time went by we came to 2dd6a95fae4626e753f7271c766866e6hate everything flesh and thank God, we found that there is such a thing as Spirit, that there is such a thing as people who embody the Spirit of Light and the True Spirit of Love and the True Spirit of Jesus and the True Spirit of Truth! And so we came to know the truth and the Truth really really did set us free and so the battle is as it always was and always should be and that is to get in the Spirit and to get in the Spirit with another person or persons and to break down the middle wall of partition and to truly unite together in the Spirit of Christ because, “Where two or three are gathered together in His name, there is He in the midst of us” (Matthew 18:20) drawing us all together, magnetising every one of us and like magnets He turns us all around and we all click together through His magnetic pull and so the middle wall quickly evaporates when we unite together in the True Spirit of Love, His Love and not our so-called human love which is no love at all, it’s Only through Jesus alone that we can make it!


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