Colleges are Against Traditional Families!

Simple Truth

I think in a lot of ways this discussion is quite mild and only lightly touches upon the issues mentioned here, they are quite sensitive issues after all and it is not our intention to offend anyone but simply to tell the truth from the perspective of a young person who comes face to face with these issues on a day to day basis as they are interwoven into the course content on all subject across the board, subjects of which you would not expect these issues to even come up and yet they seem to be part of the main fabric of the course content. It has become quite apparent to us through looking through the textbooks and course assignments given that there is a recurring theme going through it all and you are therefore left, as my daughter so obviously is, questioning whether there is some kind of hidden agenda going on to influence the thinking of young people into believing that traditional family values such as marriage and eventually having children are now old fashioned and belonging to the past and that we have now moved on from there and women should now be liberated from the so-called slavery of being chained to the kitchen sink and having children around their ankles and are now being encouraged to go out to work and that if they do have children, then it is perfectly acceptable for someone else to raise them and instill their own set of values into the children’s minds rather than the parents themselves. This I’m afraid is where the world is going and people are unquestioningly going with it as if it’s all completely normal but the question that people need to ask themselves is: where are these ideas coming from and who is it that is shaping my thinking? Am I actually thinking for myself anymore or has someone else via the media or the education system taken over my mind and is now subtly doing my thinking for me?

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3 Responses to Colleges are Against Traditional Families!

  1. College in traditionally Christian Protestant nations is set up to produce: homosexual, anti-family, anti-christian, pro-communist students. I would recommend your family (including your daughter) watch some of Ben Shapiro’s talks on campus in the USA. Ben Shapiro talks about the militant homosexual and communist agenda within campuses. The exact same communist groups pushing this agenda in UK campuses are pushing it in the USA. Ben Shapiro is a former college student who has a lot of information on these matters. I am definitely not surprised by your daughters experiences at college. Some Christian groups in the UK prohibit their children from attending college (they can only do online courses) because they don’t want their youth getting brainwashed. Glad you have an intelligent daughter raised by good people like yourselves. The colleges also won’t let you get your degree or pass if you don’t embrace their communist/homosexual agenda. Ben Shapiro actually had to lie on his exams and essays, and pretend to be for the homosexual/communist agenda in order to pass college. After he graduated he started doing public talks about the brainwashing going on in American colleges; he is definitely worth checking out and I’m sure you folks would get a lot out of it. I really enjoyed the discussion with your daughter and got a lot out of it. Its shocking to hear what is going on in UK colleges, but at the same time I’m glad you folks are exposing this. God bless and all the best.


  2. Simple Truth says:

    Yes, I’ve listened to some of Ben Shapiro’s vids before and I am aware of the agenda that has been going on in the USA but I must admit that it has been a bit of a shock to us to find out the extent to which it is going on in colleges here, it’s interesting what you say about him having to lie in order to pass the exams though as I do believe that these colleges are incredibly bias in their marking schemes towards anyone whom they would consider to be an alternative free thinker so that is definitely a big concern. My daughter took an A level in creative writing a few years ago, she is a very talented writer and yet every piece of coursework that she produced was given low marks, I found it quite astounding really as the other students were producing work of a much lower standard and yet the teacher loved their work and gave them higher marks every time. It turned out that although the course was marked by an independent examiner the overall grade given was largely down to the teacher’s marking of coursework based upon his/her own discretion and personal preferences so in my daughter’s case she didn’t stand a chance because the teacher took a disliking to her out of the box style and found fault in every bit of work she produced and as a result was deliberately bias towards her. Basically, if you stay within the confines of their stereotypical box and soak up all of their brainwashing like a sponge then they will love you but the minute they detect that you are an alternative thinker that can see through all of their rubbish then you will be singled out for rough justice. So yes, there is a definite agenda going on and even to a lesser extent among younger students, our younger son being just age 14 also comes home and regularly informs me of the teacher’s anti Christian bias and then there is my older son whose lecturer at Uni was a man by day a woman by night but I won’t even go there!!! Thanks for your recommendation anyway, I’ll pass the info on to my daughter who I’m sure will find it very interesting. GBY!


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