Coming Here to Grow and to Learn and to be “Born Again!”



Simple Truth

We all came here to this earth to grow and to learn and a lot of us will eventually be born again, if we aren’t already! Everything that happens to us from the time that we are born up until the time when we are given the opportunity to be born again will have happened to give us some idea of who we are. Each individual will be given a different sense of right and wrong and therefore who they are and then we will all be called to do something about the wrong that we all find in ourselves to various degrees. Jesus said, “…Verily, verily (truly truly), I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” (John 3:5)

Baby in water bagBeing born of water in this verse here means coming out of your mother’s womb as in coming out of the water bag that is in your mother’s womb, a mother’s waters break and so the baby is born. So we all come out of the womb and particularly water when we are born here and then we all grow from little babies into little children and through our teens and into adulthood and a lot of people tend to get their calling from God, through Jesus, and particularly from God’s pure and Holy Spirit when they are somewhere around eighteen but of course this isn’t the rule as being called can happen earlier or can even happen later on in life so it’s very very important that we don’t miss out on our great opportunity to be born again – being born again really does mean being born again! But what are we being born again into? We are being born again into what you might call the spiritual dimension! The spiritual dimension is all around us and is populated by the Father, Son, & the Holy Spirit, the holy (pure) angels and God’s departed saints and all of these are working together with truly born again Christians on earth as one to bring everybody that they can into the Kingdom of God.

rcmdoorway-770x439_cTo enter into the Kingdom of God, all you have to do is enter in through the door. Jesus came into this world to present Himself as a kind of a door through which we can all enter into the spiritual side of life. If you have reached an age and a time of maturity when you have come to the realisation that nothing in this materialistic world can ever satisfy that deep yearning and longing feeling in your heart then quite possibly the time is right for you to be born again, to be born into the spiritual side of life and to leave what you might call the womb of the materialistic side of life. Your mother, the Holy Cute-baby-with-mother-in-relaxing-moodsSpirit, would have made every preparation she can for this day and God, your Father, would have even planned for this very day, and your big brother, Jesus, is just eagerly waiting for another friend to play with, hang out with, have fun with and go places with, as all big brothers do! So being born again really does mean being born again because you really will have a new Mother and a new Father and a new Brother and whole new family!

So if you really do have a sense of any wrongs in your life that you find so hard to correct or even to let go of, then ask Jesus into your heart and He will help you with your spiritual growth here because after you are born again, all of your growing here will have more to do with your spiritual growth here than your materialistic growth here. Just simply enter into the door, Jesus, let go of this world and enter into the spiritual world, it really is that simple, especially if you really really want this and are truly hungry for it!


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  1. I thank God for using you in our generation

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