Only in Dreams!

Simple Truth

Only in dreams is a good title for a song as Roy Orbison well knew, the brilliance of Roy Orbison is that he sang from the heart and whether you liked his style of singing or not you can’t help but be touched by the heart in his singing and you can’t help but relate to his broken heart. Everyone surely remembers the first time that they really fell in love and how their heart was so broken the day he or she said goodbye and sometimes you see people that this has happened to and they never really seem to get over it and I suppose the best cure for an old love as they say, is a new love!

Orvieto_-_Creation_of_EveSo this can work for a lot of people and sometimes you can’t help but view life this way in that life is a love affair gone wrong. Our whole story here started with Adam & Eve. Adam found himself broken hearted because whilst naming all the animals he found that there was none quite like himself and so God put him into a deep sleep and took a rib that was close to his heart and with that rib he made a woman and so he woke up and fell in love and his troubles were all over. But then came this wicked man (the Serpent, the Devil) who lurked in the shadows there in the Garden of Eden and hung around by the tree of the knowledge of good & evil and it was this wicked man that upset the peace there in the Garden of Eden in that he brought in what is called the middle wall of partition. You can’t help wondering whether Adam suddenly found himself competing for the love of Eve because she had clearly got interested in another man and was eating out of his hand and so he felt he had to keep up here or be out in the cold and so he did also eat of the forbidden fruit, what he really should have done was to confide in Jesus.

17059303355_31772a20fa_bJesus would always visit Adam & Eve in the garden and He would no-doubt teach them many things about love and you even picture Eve sitting at Jesus’ feet like Mary did in the New Testament and Adam was always ok with this because Jesus had the same love for him as He did for Eve and there was no jealously there in the garden, there was no competing for the love of Jesus and so everything was harmony and peace and love, but sad to say that when Adam & Eve ate of the forbidden fruit they were bringing in the very spirit of competition because the Serpent was competing against Jesus and would have wanted Adam & Eve to compete against each other and so from then onward, you 5d392ef64fbc6a63151a58c8102c570fpicture that Adam & Eve would have argued and at the same time an argument would have broken out between Jesus and Adam & Eve, Jesus would always argue in a good Spirit of course! But Adam & Eve started to argue in the wrong spirit and even started to lie when they made excuses for themselves and so Adam tried to blame it all on Eve and said it was all her fault, Eve blamed it all on the Serpent and said it was all his fault, but God said that everyone was to blame to various degrees and some were more guilty than others and so the great love affair of life had gone wrong here, all starting off in the Garden of Eden, and so we’ve had trouble here ever since because where envy (jealously) and strife (competition) is, there is confusion and every evil work.

And so we all dream of the day when all of these troubles will be over and that long lost love affair with life itself comes back to us all and remember that Adam & Eve had to leave the garden and God said that thorns and thistles would now grow and they’d always have trouble with these thorns and thistles from now onwards and from these thorns and thistles we can see where some of these fictitious fairy-tale ideas come from and yes, sleeping-beauty-princeeven some of these fictitious fairy-tales can be good if they point out a real moral and if the moral in the story of Sleeping Beauty was that the True Prince, Jesus, would one day come and wake his long lost love out of her deep deep sleep, that he would cut through all of those thorns to get to her and give her the kiss of life and then restore the kingdom back to what it was in the days of Adam & Eve when all was harmony and love and peace, then such a story would be a good story! So in that way it would be right to dream and it would go along with…

“whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” (Philippians 4:8)

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3 Responses to Only in Dreams!

  1. Even though Roy Orbison was from the generation before me, I have always enjoyed his music as relatives of mine had many of his records. God is not limited and he definitely speaks through music and through modern tales as you attest in the article.

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  2. Simple Truth says:

    There is so much heartbreak and loneliness in this world that a lot of people can relate to his music no matter what their age, background, or circumstances, as he was a person that was not afraid to bare his heart to the whole world and reach out and touch other’s hearts in so doing. I think we are all just looking for people just like ourselves that we can see eye to eye with and completely relate to on all levels and those people are becoming harder and harder to find these days and so we have this constant note of sorrow going through us when all we find are disappointments after disappointments in that we never find anyone that is completely like ourselves and so you have a kind of see ya around town, ships in the night relationship with most people and you dream of the day that things will be restored back to the way they should be and as they will be in the millennium under the thousand year reign of Christ on earth when no man need say to his neighbour, know the Lord, for all shall know Him and all our dreams will become reality.


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