Gail Riplinger: New Age Bible Versions

Version comparison charts: NIV, NASB et al. TRACT EXCERTS. NKJV Comparison Chart.

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2 Responses to Gail Riplinger: New Age Bible Versions

  1. I’ve been listening to Gail Riplinger for a long time. She has a really amazing testimony. She was basically very sick and stuck in bed for years, and she used that time to study the Bible and compare all the different versions. She did a lot of crucial research and clearly proved there was a conspiracy to destroy the word of God. King James Bible is the only version we can truly truest. Thanks again to you guys for getting quality material onto the internet. There is so much deception out there, the truth really needs to get out.


  2. Simple Truth says:

    Yes, her testimony is very inspiring and she comes across as a very genuine and sincere person that was motivated by nothing but love for others, it’s very sad that she’s received so much flak for all of her good efforts. It was you who recommended her to us actually in the comments here so it’s us and whoever else listens to this as a result that should be thanking you! ☺️


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