Let’s Get Spiritual!


Simple Truth

The only way anyone on this earth will ever get truly spiritual is to enter in through the strait gate, bear in mind the word “strait” – most people quote it as “straight” and they also think it’s a narrow path as in once you’re on that path you just go down this long long long endless boring narrow motorway instead of a nice winding, adventurous narrow path. But the word strait can actually mean a kinda restricted way in that for instance, if you are a rich man (or rich in your own ways) you might feel like you’re a camel trying to get through the eye of a needle, the eye of a needle being a kinda narrow way in, and it’s so narrow that you might even have to strip off to get in! So the best way in is to be free of the garb of humanity – so you have to forsake all to get in!

So what are you getting in to? You are getting into Jesus because Jesus is the door and once you go through the door, Jesus, you are in that same sense saved (from yourself). Jesus said, “I am the door: by me if any man enter in he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.” (John 10:9) So once you’ve gone through the door, Jesus, you will find yourself in the best field ever and you’ll find that “In the Spirit in the Spirit, it’s so much better than the flesh, and in the Spirit by the Spirit you can carnal means enmesh (entrap).”

A lot of us have found that before we came to Jesus we were walking in the flesh, this means that we were trapped in our lusts and we had no Spirit in our life and no way out of this, but when we came to Jesus, pretty quickly we felt that there was such a thing as Spirit and flesh and so when we got in the Spirit we were in the Spirit so much better than the flesh and through the Spirit and by the Spirit we could carnal means enmesh – “enmesh” meaning: we could be separated from our flesh and keep our flesh under control, or in other words, keep what’s called our old man, our old self, buried with Jesus because when we received Jesus we became a whole new creature, a spiritual creature and not a fleshly one.

lostsheep21All in all we just loved being in the Spirit, or in other words, we just loved being with Jesus because when we are with Jesus everything we touch turns to gold, every day we walk through the door which is Jesus and we go in and out and find pasture, so one day we find ourselves in one field by going through the door which is Jesus and then another day we go through the same door and find ourselves in another field, so just like sheep, we follow the shepherd and He leads us to the best fields and so we go in and out and find pasture, or in other words, through Jesus, we find ourselves in the right spiritual orbit where the greenest grass grows and we find ourselves in the sheepfold and not in the cow-fold or the pig-fold or the goat-fold or any other fold.

So being with Jesus is being in the right place at the right time with the right people and doing the right thing, and so we find ourselves in the right field and in the right Spirit, a field with ample room for growth and plenty of spiritual nourishment for our souls. And if things start getting lean in that field in that all the grass is eaten up then we go baaa to our shepherd, we walk up to the gate and go baaa! Baaa! And then the shepherd, Him being the gate, leads us into our new field and so we really do go in and out of the gate, in and out of the door, or in other words, in and out of Jesus, and find pasture!Jesus, Your Good Shepherd And Door by Joseph Prince

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