Don’t Get Caught in the Web!


(Spoken from the spiritual dimension in 1998) by Father David

The Internet is like a magnet, and it’s got an almost hypnotic drawing power. It sucks in and draws in everything that comes close to it. It’s like a magnet that pulls those who aren’t strong in the Word or the Lord into its centre of knowledge. Even those who are strong in the Lord need to watch out, because the pull is so strong. It’s like trying to pull apart two heavy-duty magnets that are drawn to each other!

arana_red_redes_telaranaThe Web is a tangled mass of confusion that the Enemy has spun in order to catch his prey—just like a spider spins its web and waits for passers-by to get stuck in it, and thus they’re no longer just passers-by, but they’re lunch! The spider doesn’t hesitate to gobble the insect up, because that’s the spider’s whole purpose—to catch its prey. And so it is with the Enemy’s web—his whole design is to catch the passers-by‚ the browsers, those who get stuck in this web of idolatry.

_46970989_spidersweb_elainewise766Oh yes, the Web is beautiful, just like a spider’s web that shines in the sun. There may even be nice juicy drops of dew that rest upon the strands and shine like diamonds. But this is only a facade. This is only the lure to attract you into the clutches of the Web. There may be nice fun things on the Internet, and these things attract you and draw you in, but once you’re in, the pull is like a magnet that’s almost too strong for you to humanly pull away from. Once you’re in, you’re stuck, and pretty soon the Enemy’s going to have you for lunch!

You start off very casually. You’re interested in the knowledge, in the easy accessibility of the facts, stories, and goodies that are contained in this massive Web, but you don’t stop there. You go on, you explore, you search deeper and lust after the knowledge of the world, the dangers lurking within these dangerous vices and devices of the Devil. You dig deeper and deeper and fill your mind with polluting pornography or perverted sex, ungodly attitudes about love and marriage, witchcraft, communicating with evil spirits, the occult, and much, much more. You’ll find it wasting your Word time, robbing your witnessing time (telling people about Jesus) and destroying your conviction! Once you’ve stepped into the Web, there’s no limit to the dung of the Enemy that’ll come flying your way!

Sometimes even the so-called good stuff, articles from other Christians or religious leaders‚ can be dangerous. I’m not saying that it’s evil, but if it’s something that causes you to water down your convictions and doubt your doctrines, beliefs and lifestyle, then it’s bad for you! It’s brackish water from a tainted well and it’ll make you sick in the end. Or even if it doesn’t make you sick, if you try to get your spiritual nourishment from it, you’re gonna wind up getting malnourished!

You can’t just feed yourself with worldly knowledge and wisdom and not suffer for it too. It’s the same temptation the Devil used with Eve—fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Well, the Serpent’s fruit and knowledge is all evil. It may seem pleasant to the eyes and sweet to the taste, but if you walk the path of man’s wisdom without seeking the Lord, you’ll find it is foolishness in the end. It’s a subtle deceit, these words of men. You absorb more and more of them, and after a while you start wondering why you need to live and love and believe the way you do. They eat away at your foundation and your structure little by little, like termites do in a house, unseen. And before you know it, the house just collapses!

This web of worldly knowledge clouds your mind and goes to work right away to change your thought patterns. It’s like you’re literally linked to the computer and it goes to work on you and it starts to control you. You alone will no longer completely control what you think and feel‚ and the Lord no longer completely controls what you think and feel—the computer controls what you think and feel! And, if you keep it up, eventually you no longer own the computer or the Internet, but the computer and the Internet will own you and it will control you! The goal is complete takeover. This time, the Devil’s not gonna be content to only own a small corner of your life/mind—he wants it all! You start out entering into a joint ownership, but the computer, the Net, is out to own all of you. It’s not going to stop at having just a small part, but it wants to take over the whole territory! It wants full ownership; it wants to control you!


This is Satan’s propaganda‚ Satan’s desire‚ to get you to stop thinking for yourself, to stop thinking the way the Lord wants you to think. Satan’s whole desire is to control the hearts and minds of mankind‚ and with this tool of destruction, he is slowly but surely accomplishing just that. It’s a tangled web he’s woven, and many are falling for his trap. It’s a powerful magnet that’s attracting many who aren’t firmly attached to the most powerful magnet known to men or angels—the Lord! If you’re not firmly attached to the magnet of God, then it’s only a matter of time before you’re drawn to the Enemy’s magnet, because his pull is very strong.

This tangled web of the Internet is one of his most powerful, heavy-duty magnets, and it’s attracting millions and billions to its core. And sad to say, it’s also attracting many sincere Christians. In fact, some are pretty deeply embedded in the Web‚ and it’s going to take a miracle to salvage some of these lives for the Lord. The Enemy’s having a heyday with his little distractions and chocolate-coated poison that he has distributed to the nations, and he’s not stopping anywhere. He wants complete control. He wants to rule the hearts and minds of men, and seeks to do this through sucking in those who aren’t on guard, who aren’t firmly attached to the magnet of God. The Lord’s children have a clearer sense of what right and wrong is‚ and the wrong has an even greater effect on them.

You wonder where all of these wrong attitudes are coming from? Where do people get their ungodly views about sex? Where do people get their screwed-up ideas about relationships? Where do people get their worldly ideologies? Where do people get their knowledge about the dark side? Where are all of these doubts coming from? Where is people’s love for the lost?

Have Christians forgotten about the verse that says, “Come out from among them and be ye separate”? The Lord didn’t say, “Wallow in the mire, but you can still stay separate.” No. If you’re wallowing in the mire with everyone else, how are you going to be able to reach out a helping hand to save them? You’re not going to do anyone any good by getting all dirty and tangled up yourself. You’ve got to come out from among them and be totally, completely and revolutionarily separate!

This world’s going to Hell, along with all of its wicked ways! The Enemy’s leading the world on the pathway to destruction, and it’s a our job to show the world a little bit of Heaven. The Enemy knows that the little bits of Heaven that you show people are going to shine as a bright and glorious light‚ especially in these Last Days when things are waxing worse and worse. So don’t you see why it stands to reason that the Enemy is fighting so hard to cool down your convictions?

He’s fighting to dim your light and snuff out your fire, so that the world won’t come out to see you burn. He knows that God’s Spirit is going to attract the duped people he has within his clutches. He knows that God’s magnet is stronger than his‚ and if people will only see the truth, they’ll come running to find that same power, that same joy, that same freedom! Do you want to give the Enemy one more victory? He’s trying to water down your convictions and turn off your light. Do you want to give him that satisfaction?

The Internet is one of the Enemy’s weapons of destruction, as he seeks to lure you with the riches and knowledge of this world. He robs you of your time reading the Word, witnessing, loving, or being a blessing to those in your Home. He draws you into his web ever so slowly‚ and pretty soon you’re digging deeper and deeper into the deadly depths of destruction.

As with all of his weapons, it looks good from the outside, and is even good and useful as a tool to get out God’s Word and to warn the world of impending doom, as well as proclaim the glorious future. But deep inside there are dangerous traps which the Enemy uses to ensnare the multitudes. Remember the verses about how in the Last Days there would come a falling away from the truth, and the Enemy would seek to deceive even the very elect? (2Thes.2:3; Mat.24:24). Well, this is a perfect example of him trying to deceive the very elect!

World-Wide-Web-random-6625420-800-564Please don’t you be his next meal! Please don’t let him eat away at your convictions and foundation by revelling in this web of knowledge that is set to ensnare those who do not walk prayerfully and carefully within. Please stay free from his diabolical ways that you shouldn’t want to have any part of!

So don’t become the Enemy’s next meal! Stay mighty close to the magnetic pillar of the Lord’s power and knowledge. Stay separate and single-minded, so that you can reach out and pull others toward the light! Keep your heart clear and free from the hazy distractions and brain clouds of the Enemy, so that you can pour forth the Lord’s Words and quench the thirst of the world! Stay uncompromising and unfaltering in your convictions, so that the Lord can use you as one of His mighty leaders of the End—and He will!

If you want exciting new information, the Lord’s got it! All you have to do is ask Him for a prophecy, a message straight from Heaven! If you want eye-popping graphics and gorgeous colours that will send you out of this world, ask Him for a dream or a vision! If you want something that will really change the world and make a difference for the better, serve the Lord with all your heart and soul and mind and strength, loving Him and others with all that is within you, and there’ll be eternal effects and Heavenly rewards! God bless and keep you whole-hearted—single-minded lovers of the lost and your Lord! I love you! (End of message)

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6 Responses to Don’t Get Caught in the Web!

  1. Thanks for the article. I admit I have been a computer guy since I was a teen and also have an interest in computer programming. Unfortunately the internet has had a bad influence on my life and has caused serious problems in my life, so I can agree that it can be a negative thing for sure. As a computer programmer who understands whats going on in the industry, I can tell you that the internet is being used by the antichrist forces for sure. If you use the internet regularly, google knows more about you than your mother, they collect every piece of information about your habits and behavior; and God only knows what they do with the information.


  2. Simple Truth says:

    Yeah, our business is more and more becoming their business and sad to say the worst is yet to come, especially when you consider these quantum computers they are now feverishly working on and if you think that’s bad then forget it, because there’s worse than this to come yet in that these more advanced computers could very well become possessed and then we really will be in trouble. But better than all of this put together is that the foolishness of God is greater than man and we’ve all got Jesus and at the name of Jesus every knee still has to bow and only one little word (Jesus) shall fell him (the Devil).

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  3. There’s actually Christian groups out there who are banned from using computers or the TV. I used to think these groups were too extreme but I realize they may have some common sense. In the end, Christians may have to walk away from all this technology.


  4. Simple Truth says:

    I think that there are many Christians that would find it very hard to walk away now because they have already become too deeply entrenched into this web of deception, it’s become a lifestyle to many and a part of the norms, whether people care to admit that to themselves or not, that they wouldn’t be able to walk away from it even if they wanted to. Of course there are good things on here too and it can be used as a witnessing tool, no substitute for person to person contact though, so it’s a matter of getting the balance right but that is easier said than done as it really does have a strong magnetic and hypnotic drawing power that no matter how much you try to limit your time on here, you find yourself very easily getting sucked back in to what can very often be intrigue. This message has been edited somewhat, the original was a lot stronger and did not pull any punches but even so, it made me think and ask myself some very serious questions, personally I find it a very sobering thought to think that it could have that much of a grip on me that I no longer own the computer or Internet, but the computer and Internet owns me!


  5. gitardood says:

    Reblogged this on Gitardood’s Weblog and commented:
    A wise warning – and very true – it can usurp the place of the scripture study and intimacy with Yeshua – we need to keep our focus rightly directed


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