The Book of The Future – PDF

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3 Responses to The Book of The Future – PDF

  1. These TFI/COG publications are definitely getting circulated around the internet a lot now, especially the publications related to the rapture and end times. I have taken a look at some of the book of the future material before and its definitely a good read. Even a lot of mainstream Christian TV shows, are now admitting the rapture may be post trib and not pre trib. I think its good TFI/COG have been promoting the post trib rapture doctrine for some years, and its good to see you folks getting this correct doctrine out there.

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  2. This is THE book that absolutely changed my life back in 2004! I still refer to the timeline outlined here for reference concerning Revelation and Daniel. Beautiful job coloring it, too! I’m linking to this right now.


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    An Absolute Must-Have. . . outlines Revelation incredibly well!


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