Syria & Donald Trump – What’s Going On? David Icke Special on the Richie Allen Show 7/4/2017

Here is David Icke’s analysis on the recent events in Syria and the wider picture, of course everyone has their views on what the wider picture is and just how deep this whole thing goes but sad to say David Icke stops short of becoming a Christian and therefore expresses that he is anti all religions. It’s a shame that David Icke doesn’t go as far as to become a Christian because it’s only through Jesus that we will really see the wider picture, he also stops short of recognising that there is going to be the rise of an Antichrist and on this subject he would do well to realise that the Antichrist will arise out of Russia. The Antichrist will of course, from Russia, offer a steady hand on world affairs and so gain support this way so hopefully with this in mind, you might still pull some interesting points from David Icke’s views here.

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