Let Go and Let God!


Simple Truth

It might help a lot of people to know that one of the greatest temptations in life is to try instead of trust, trying is the most natural inclination in the whole world you might say and competition is very much the name of the game here so it would be ridiculous not to try and so we all fortify our wills and keep pushing ahead and no pain no gain right, and if you don’t beat someone else to it then they’ll beat you to it. So on the other hand, where’s it all getting us other than into one great big inglorious rat race!

frustrated-woman-620jt112112Well, there are a lot of people that are beaten down by all of this these days and they really do wish that they could let go whilst everyone else is telling them to keep holding on. But what do people do when there is nothing to hold on to, when they feel themselves gutted out and burn out mentally and exhausted spiritually? At times like this they might be tempted to fall into deep despair and deep insecurity and even perplexity so who do people turn to in times like this when everything around them is failing them and everyone around them is failing them and they really don’t know what or who to turn to? Well, in a lot of ways it is times like this when you really do need to let go and let God have His wonderful way!

You could say that God finds Himself in what you might call a peculiar situation. Peculiar might not be exactly the right word but on the other hand, He finds Himself in these strange situations because we are putting Him there. The world for mankind has grown more and more complex and so more and more people rather than feeling less perplexed find facebookthemselves feeling even more perplexed and more confused than ever, we are all part of an information explosion these days and knowledge increases rapidly and it’s all at our fingertips but the strange thing is that many people find themselves lost in all of this and their hearts and minds and spirits are literally screaming out for truth. This present generation is true to the saying, “Ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth.” So evermore there is this growing urging desperate feeling in people that wishes to cry out…but to who?

Electricity-Safety-300x224We really do have a highly sensitive God and He really does realise how highly needy we all are and how much like little children we all are, no matter what our age, and many of us are much like little babies. When a little baby first learns to crawl there is one thing a good mother learns pretty quickly, and even a good father come to that, and that is that that little baby will put just about anything and everything into his mouth that he can get his hands on, he hasn’t really learned the difference between good food and bad food so his natural inclination is to put everything into his mouth and so you frequently find yourself getting things out of his hands and out of his mouth and often he just won’t let go or he won’t open his mouth and let you get it out and so you deal with him pretty sensitively and even firmly at times for his own good, he really does need to let go and let mum have her wonderful way and mum and dad’s eyes really do have to be in every place and in this same sense, like God, beholding the evil and the good!


So God’s eyes really are in every place beholding the evil and the good and you’d have to say that God is the greatest coordinator there ever is or ever was or ever will be and His eyes are always on us and of course He sees that we have so much to learn, He knows that He can tell us until He is blue-in-the-face and we don’t always listen, just like with mum and dad but as time goes by we see that mummy was right and daddy was right and so we have the Holy Spirit like a mother, gently giving us good advise all day every day and we have dad who’s a bit more firmer with us for our own good, but really a lot of this good advise all boils down to “letting go and letting God!”

189169-850x567-Messy-Baby-Food-FaceLittle children tend to struggle and kick and arch their backs when it’s time for nappy change or feed time etc. and so again, you see the little child needs to let go and let mum have her wonderful way, good food for growth and decency and order with nice clean clothes to wear. So it really is like this with God Himself and with the Holy Spirit who is like a mother and Jesus our big brother who’s also been through all that because when Jesus was on earth He grew up in a big family and believe it or not, He had seven brothers and sisters so He has had plenty of experience along these lines as He no-doubt helped out with all the family matters, Him being the oldest brother. So we really do have a Jesus who is coming from actual experience and He really is sensitive to our whole earthly situation, we have to remember that He was on earth once too and He grew up here don’t forget, and life was no-doubt tough too under the Roman Empire and so He understands the struggles. He no-doubt helped His dad with the family business of carpentry and so we very very much have a God at hand, we have Jesus Who is close at hand, Who was one of us and still is one of us, and we just need to let go a lot and lean on Him a lot, “I (we) can do ALL things through Christ which strengtheneth Me (us).” (Philippians 4:13) We are weak, as the little child’s song says, but He is strong! So if you really do feel like giving up and letting go then don’t just completely let go but instead…

“Let Go and Let God have His Wonderful Way, He’ll keep with His Spirit and thrill day by day!”

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