Fullness of Joy!


Simple Truth

If anyone wishes to be honest then they’d have to say that fullness of joy has more to do with love than anything else; you can go to any wonderful place in the world but without love it wouldn’t be so wonderful! What would an engagement ring be without a lover? What would a marriage be without a husband? And so in the presence of Love is fullness of joy and at the right hand of Love are pleasures forever more and believe it or not, that is a verse out of the Bible put another way. The original verse says, “Thou wilt show me the path of life; in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures forever more.”

Everything in life is an illustration of the spiritual, the truth is that we have a very spiritual and a very loving God and He is the One that created all of these physical earthy pleasures, physical pleasures like both you and I, and things like marriage itself are illustrations of spiritual realities and there are so many pleasures for us to enjoy here but they all come from the right hand of God. So all of those handsome men out there and all of those beautiful girls and falling in love all come from the hand of God. The problem we have is that we forget the source of all of these pleasures that we enjoy every day and this can even be true of the Gifts of God’s Spirit, God loves to give His children so many gifts, both physical gifts and spiritual gifts but sometimes we are just like children and we forget to love and thank Him for all of these pleasures and so we often get tripped off and we forget our first love so sometimes Jesus might send us a little leanness just like a parent might do with his own child and so like children, we sense that something is wrong and we feel that displeasure is in the air. Sometimes we try to ignore this displeasure and carry on playing and so we then detect that we grow out of favour and so we tend to get out of the true Spirit of what we should be getting into and then we get that lonely hungry feeling that we know that we have to make amends and get back to our first love and to the source of where all the pleasure came from, when we do we are then happy again because we again realise that “…in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasure forever more” and not the other way around!

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