Forgiving Each Other Seventy Times Seven


Simple Truth

Jesus once said, whosoever is forgiven much, the same loveth much. Jesus doesn’t give up on us and so we shouldn’t always give up on each other. It is very sound and good advice for Jesus to tell us to forgive each other as many as seventy times seven, Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples once suggested to Jesus that perhaps seven times was enough but, “Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times; but, Until seventy times seven.” (Matthew 18:22)

 Sometimes you wonder what would happen if people looked back on their past and saw all the friends that they had lost that they couldn’t forgive and perhaps who didn’t forgive them enough times either. We humans have so many problems and we make so many mistakes and a lot of these are just blunders of the mind and largely all part of growing up so very very sound advice from Jesus telling us to forgive each other up to seventy times seven and not just seven. A lot of us who have Jesus in our hearts can truly truly look back on our past and see that Jesus has forgiven us more than a million times seven and still forgives us to this day as we all tend to still fall short because we have so much to learn and this is another good reason why people need Jesus in their hearts because once you have Jesus in your heart you will always have mercy in your heart and Jesus is always there to forgive us, He forgives us so much and we love Him so much and we say sorry so much because all too often our mistakes are just blunders of the mind!

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