Beautiful and Loveless!


Simple Truth

When you look at a lot of girls these days it’s almost as if they are wearing a mask and in fact, you’d have to say that a lot of them are wearing a mask. They learn to put on their make-up so well that they actually transform their whole face, the transformation you could say is so remarkable that you actually see that a personality change has taken place. On a humorous note, it kind of reminds you of that film called “The Mask” but what a lot of people don’t realise is that you can actually put on a mask and seriously have a personality transformation in that you can indeed become a different person when you do this. You might say: “how can that be? That’s rubbish!” But no no no, this is not rubbish, this is reality because a lot of these girls don’t really realise what they are getting into when they put on their make-up and sad to say they no-doubt huddle themselves away in their bedrooms when they put on their masks and they send out all these selfies and they get all these likes that they are addicted to.

web_kim-k-super-bowl1-1030x433What a lot of people don’t realise is how witchcraft works. Well, believe it or not witchcraft works along the same lines as the bible. The Devil doesn’t know any new tricks but what he uses is what he actually once knew, he once operated under God and therefore under God’s anointing and so he would draw night to God and God would draw nigh to him and this point of view is also in the bible that if we draw nigh to God then he will draw nigh to us. The Devil who was once called Lucifer is what you might call a very very good looking guy and so he had a lot of influence with his good looks and of course with the love of God which he once embodied he was what you might call a bombshell, so good looking and so loving with it! maxresdefault-1-e1462794047581But then you could say that he kind of looked in the mirror one day and started to fall in love with his own good looks, he became so obsessed with himself that he forsook true love, God being that love, and he forsook the anointing that he operated under, the anointing is another word for the Spirit of God which he operated under. And so instead of operating under the anointing of God, he started to operate under his own spirit and therefore his own kind of anointing and so he carried on trying to influence all the other angels with his good looks and intelligence and even his charm and he managed to persuade a third of them to come on his side and so instead of worshipping God, they worshipped him instead. He really was that good looking that they were willing to worship him and his power and his intelligence but to do this they too had to forsake love and so they also forsook the anointing that they operated under and so they forsook God’s Spirit and they operated under the Devil’s spirit instead and under his anointing.

So how did they all look, the Devil and his angels? Well, a lot of them looked much like they did before because no-doubt a lot of these angels were quite good looking too but they all lacked that one vital ingredient and that vital ingredient was love, they no longer put on love, or in other words they no longer operated under the Spirit and anointing of Love but instead they all operated under the anointing and spirit of the Devil himself and they did their upmost to entice mankind into doing the same and they still do to this very day and you can name their schemes by the billions and one of their schemes is to incite us giphyinto enticing them in. The way people entice these fallen angels in believe it or not is to do what it says in the Bible, except you do it under the anointing of the Devil instead of the anointing of God, and that is, we are supposed to draw night to God and He will draw nigh to us but instead you draw nigh to the Devil and he will draw nigh to you and this is what a lot of these girls are doing although they might not altogether realise it, they are enticing theses fallen angels in. The very interaction of putting on make-up through the wrong spirit will entice these fallen angels in.

ae2e8d3199af1bc67a8e5da3908e71a2A lot of these girls are going in for the loveless though beautiful look, they are getting into commanding spirits. A commanding spirit you could say is a spirit that demands worship and the Devil is the ultimate demander and commander when it comes to worship, he’s the ultimate control freak and he’s the most loveless person you could ever wish to meet. Yes, he might indeed appear as beautiful and handsome and he can throw out all the charms but deep down his heart is hollow and empty and his spirit is like a black hole that you wouldn’t want to go anywhere near. So a lot of these young girls need to ask themselves Kim Kardashian's duckface selfiewhat they are getting into when they are putting on their make-up and masks and going in for this more loveless but beautiful look and this commanding anointing that they operate under and this character transformation that they no-doubt feel and so they are becoming addicted to their make-up and through their make-up they are enticing in bad spirits and drawing nigh to the wrong god and the wrong god is drawing nigh to them and so all the more they are becoming addicted to these spirits and fallen angels. Further to this they are operating under that anointing and putting on a kind of invisible cloak of darkness.

The way out of all this of course is to draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you, surely it is better to put on love and to then walk in the Spirit of Love and to win people over with Love, surely people would feel much better in themselves if they were to take the King of Love, Jesus, into their hearts. Jesus will show you that you have an inner beauty all of your own, Jesus is like a magnet and He can magnetise your inner beauty and the true inner you, if you take Jesus into your heart then your spirit will quickly click together with Jesus’ Spirit and you will find yourself magnetised and energised with an influence that you never knew you had and you can draw people in with your true magnetic personality and with the true Spirit of Love that dwells in you and in your heart and even in your eyes and in your smile and your whole personality will radiate Love and warmth and inner beauty. Ask Jesus into your heart, try Him, you’ll love Him, He loves you!

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    Thank the Lord for the Spirit of Love and Humility – – my favorite is beauty WITH those 2 things!


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