Leaving our Bodies and the Struggles of Life!


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On the subject of a man called Job, Job said some very interesting things, he said, “Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble. He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down; he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not.” (Job 14:1,2) So it appears that our spirit enters the body at birth, when you look at Jesus you get to realise that He has always been in existence ever since time began although for Him time never began because He has always been, but then you could say that He made a very remarkable decision in that He, the Word, was made flesh and so you kind of picture Jesus’ spirit becoming human at birth and so I imagine that we all do the same and of course you do wonder if we all had some kind of pre-existence before we came here like Jesus did.

Perhaps our eyes are shut to our former existence and of course you wonder if Jesus’ eyes were shut to His former existence when He came here because Jesus came here to be one of us in every sense of the word, He came here to suffer the things we suffer and to experience the things we experience as a human and not so much as Him Being God in that He is the Son of God and therefore the true human reflection of God. So here we all are, spirits, put into flesh! In a lot of ways, we are like moths and butterflies and we all have a kind of a struggle on our hands and who would deny that we are much like Job said we are, we are “full of trouble!”

5829110304_d2c83d8a69_bThere is a story about an emperor moth, he was in his kind of cocoon like state and inside of that cocoon there was a kind of a struggle going on and you could say he was full of trouble in there, he of course wanted to be free and so he would wiggle around this way and that way trying to get out of his confined state. I suppose this is much like us, we feel trapped in our flesh, we so long to be free and we try this way and that way and every way to be free just like the emperor moth inside his cocoon like state, he wants to get out of that cocoon so he comes at it from this angle and that angle and every possible angle and he makes many many mistakes because he tries this aa0c2097515a47673cf84d2529b693a5and it doesn’t work and he tries that and it doesn’t work,  he goes to one extreme and then another and then he might try the happy medium between those two extremes and maybe this works a bit or maybe it works a lot and then he might fine-tune all of this balance that he has found and then he might decide whether to keep this or to scrap it as a failed experiment so he learns a lot through trial and error. The story goes onto say that somebody felt sorry for this emperor moth and so they helped him tear open his cocoon, this might sound good and no-doubt the person was trying to be kind but sad to say, it didn’t help the emperor moth because God and nature had designed him to have this struggle because it was through this struggle that he was growing stronger and by pushing this way and that way and every way with every tiny muscle in his body and particularly his wings, he was growing stronger and stronger by the minute and by the hour and by the day until finally, by design, he would have grown strong enough to push his way out of that cocoon and so his time had come to spread his wings and fly away!


So it’s just like us, we came here to learn and in a lot of ways, though this world might seem imperfect, it is by God’s design that it is something of an imperfect place and therefore it is perfectly designed that way. We all came here to learn and to grow and God knew that we would make many many mistakes along the way, that we would pass through much trial and much error and we would be full of trouble until we finally learn and even when we do learn we might still fall down seven times and rise up again and so we grow stronger and wiser through all of our trials and tests here until finally, it will be our time to leave this cocoon like body and fly away!

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