“Male & Female” Created He Them!


Simple Truth

Everything physical is an illustration of something spiritual and one of the greatest illustrations of something spiritual is the creation of both a man and a woman. Both man and woman were created in the image of God, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” (Genesis 1:27) This verse is very interesting because it says that man was made in God’s image but then it goes on to say that “male and female created he them” so when we read that it says “man” it means man as in “mankind” being both male and female created in the image of God. So you might ask: “how can male and female both be created in the image of God because one is clearly male and the other is clearly female, surely God isn’t both male and female, this doesn’t make sense!”  Well, we read further on that it talks of the man cleaving unto his wife and they shall become one flesh, this is obviously talking about the sexual union of the male with female in an intimate relationship called marriage and so male and female become one and eventually children are born of that wonderful union.


Now this in itself is also an illustration of something spiritual because here you could say is the very image of God that we are created in and also we read in (Genesis 1:26) of God saying, “…let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” So who is God talking to here when He says, “in our image after our likeness” I thought God was just one? Well, some people say He is One but there are others who believe in what is called the Trinity. The trinity means that there is the Father, the Son, & the Holy (pure) Spirit , and these three are One. So when God created man in His image what He was actually doing was creating man to be a family created in His image. If you consider God the Father and the Holy Spirit being the mother and Jesus being the Son and these three being One then you will have what is called a Family so God Being One means God being a Family and so He created man in His image to be a family, father, mother, & children, all created in the image of God and so from the very beginning we were all meant to be family created in the image of God and we have the true image of what a family is when we look at God and see that God is family, God is the Father, the Holy Spirit is the mother and Jesus is the Son and this will never ever change 1402049108and it’s up to us to cherish this and people do cherish this image of God when they get married and have children. Anyone who truly gets married and has children would truly say that this is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to them in their lives, that they fell in love with each other and they chose to stay together all of their lives and so they got married and they twain became one flesh and they had beautiful children and they as a family loved and cherished each other and further to this, they brought their children up to do the same.

So what is going wrong with today’s society? What is all of this massive push to promote male with male all about? Don’t people realise that they are coming out against family when they go along with the male with male marriage concept? Do they even realise that they are defacing the image of God?  Do they even realise the undertones of what’s going on here? People need to seriously realise what the image of God is! romance-couple-dancing-in-love-sunset1-e1393881197160-700x385The image of God is Family and mankind from the very beginning were meant to be family, family created in the very image of God, they twain being male & female becoming one just like God is One and in this you see beauty and love and true sensitivity and purity and everything fits together wonderfully and as it should be so how can people come out so strongly against family these days and shouldn’t we all be seeing the very face of God in family, the very image of God in family?!! So you have to ask yourself: “what is it with all of these rainbow flags that we see these days?” People also need to realise what this rainbow stands for. This rainbow stands for false light and it is no different than laying a star on the floor and worshipping Satan himself!

prismSatan who was also called Lucifer was once what you might call “Light bearer” and anyone who has ever studied light, and scientists have, they have found that light is made up of all of the colours of the rainbow and Satanists themselves call Lucifer the “rainbow god” and so when Satanists see rainbow flags and rainbow symbols everywhere these days they know what these rainbows actually symbolise and what they are actually talking about. And what are they talking about? They are talking about defacing God and the worship of Lucifer! They literally want to do away with the very face of God and they are challenging true family values and the sad sad fact is that people are going along with all of this and people should realise that they are coming out against God, they are coming out against the image of God and they are destroying something wonderful, they are destroying the family as it was meant to be!

1435410503_white-house-rainbow-scotus-gay-marriage_2I think that when people see a rainbow flag or rainbow symbols then they should see this for what it is, it is a Satanic symbol of false light and if you look at this symbol and you go along with it then believe it or not you are spiritually touching the unclean thing. To reach out and touch something spiritually means that you are embracing it, you wish to unite with it, you wish to become one with it and in this same sense you eat of it and it becomes part of what you are and you consume it into your soul and so you spiritually find yourself going along with the whole thing.

So what should be food for thought here is to consider what God is – God is a Family and we were all created in the image of God therefore we should all be a true family as He is a True Family and mankind should live together as one big happy family all created in the image of God as it was from the beginning and as it should always be for all eternity, one big happy family of father, mother, & children and our children growing up to do the same!


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