Finding “True Love” in the Realm of the Spirit – Walking in the Spirit!


Simple Truth

People might wonder what it means to walk in the Spirit, they might think that it means to step out of your body spiritually and to wonder around in a spiritual dimension and perhaps to even fly in that dimension and arrive at other places at the speed of thought, they might think that all you have to do is think yourself there and you are there in an instant. Well, remarkably enough it can no-doubt mean all this sort of thing but do most people find they can do this sort of thing? It appears that such spiritual experiences only happen to what you might call the chosen few! So people read books and try to do these things but often it is all to no avail because it all boils down to wishful thinking and the eventual frustration and coming clean in that the reality is that it didn’t work for you.

jesus-hugging-girlSo where does this leave someone who is genuinely seeking a spiritual experience, that genuinely wants to have something that a lot of people call a spiritual encounter these days? There happens to be one sure place that the spiritual can be found and that spiritual happens to be in the presence of the most spiritual Person that ever stepped foot on this earth and whether people choose to believe it or not, the most spiritual Person that ever stepped foot on this earth so happens to have been given the name of Jesus Christ, or in other words, Jesus the Anointed One. Christ means anointed and Jesus so happens to be the most perfectly anointed Person that ever walked the earth so if you want to have a spiritual experience and the best spiritual experience ever then doesn’t it make sense to go to the most spiritual Person that there is, has ever been, or ever will be? Set you sights high and go straight to the top, go straight to the heart of the whole matter, go straight to the heart of Love Himself! And what are we all really looking for? Spiritual love!

alone-at-the-beach1Some people might want to fly to all these distant lands and shoot off to the other end of the universe like a rocket and all that sort of thing but what would all this be without love? I think practically everyone has been to some wonderful place on this earth and found that it wasn’t so wonderful when they went there all alone so what are we all really looking for when we look for something spiritual? What we are really looking for is love!

FML ALEX RENTON SWEETS FEATUREWe can sometimes be like little children who substitute our needs with all the wrong things, little children might eat loads of sweets when they are hungry and after this find that they are still hungry and so in a lot of ways this is what people are doing when they try to fill their inner need for some sort of spirituality. Classic substitutes for spirituality that people look into might be horoscopes and the stars, the occult, drug taking, Buddhism, eastern religions and New Age etc. and even science fiction, they all tend to be what you might call substitutes for the real thing because unless you get the REAL thing then you just can’t find no love in it!

Yes, Jesus died two thousand years ago so you might think: “how’m I gonna get some love and spirituality from Jesus then? He’s clearly not around anymore and if you ask me, most of His followers these days look like they’re all up the creek, either they are living in la la land or they’re all quarrelling and fighting amongst each other and then again you have these so-called Christian nations that start wars so I say to hell with Christianity!” And yes, you would be right in arriving at these conclusions but putting all this aside for one moment and separating this kind of thinking from Jesus Himself, you would have to say that you have a kind of separation here that Jesus is one thing and so-called Christianity is another so don’t let all of this blind you but still go to the most spiritual man that ever walked on the face of this earth and maybe even picture yourself walking up to this man and saying:

why-disillusionment“Is everything they say about you really true? Can you really feed my hungry soul? Can you cure this deep aching void, this horrible emptiness I feel in my chest and even in my mind, this horrible emptiness that people call spiritual death, can you help me with all of this pain and sorrow and this distant feeling that does not ever seem to go away? Can you really come into my heart and fill me up with your Spirit as people say that you can? I’ve heard it said that I can ask you into my heart and if I do you will fill me with your Spirit and from then onwards people tell me that I will be able to walk in Your Spirit and I will have you with me every day from then onwards. I hear that all I have to do is accept you as my Saviour so by Saviour does this mean that you are the only One that can ever really truly ever save me from all of my sorrows and all of my troubles and all of my cares and all of my woes and in particular, this horrible aching void of my heart that cries out daily for love and true purpose in life?

mujer-tristeWhat is it that’s blinding me, that’s stopping me from seeing? I don’t feel in any way spiritual, sometimes I feel I have more in common with the living dead than those that are alive, is this because I am somehow or other trapped in what I’ve heard people call the flesh? I’ve heard it said that sin and the lust of the flesh is some kind of a prison that we are all in, that somehow or other we are all chained to our wrong doings and we can’t just break these chains and so we are trapped in an endless cycle in that no matter how hard we try to not do things wrong, we keep on making the same mistakes over and over again! I’ve heard it also said that the arm of the flesh will fail you, does this all mean that I cannot save myself, that I’m just not spiritual enough, that I’m just not strong enough, that I need to look to you and you will come into me spiritually, you will break all these chains that bind me, that imprison me, that keep me in bondage?

study-spacePlease Jesus, I so want to have a spiritual experience, I’ve read so many books about this but nothing really ever seems to happen, sometimes I imagine that it must be like this or it must be like that but then I come down from all of this and it turns out it was just another dream, just another stupid pot of gold at the end of some stupid rainbow that never ever existed, it was all just wishful thinking in my mind.

Please Jesus, I’m so sick of all of this, I’m even weary with my mind being tangled up in the World Wide Web, even this must be a substitute for true spirituality! Please Jesus, I ask you today, can you please please come into my heart? I now ask you worshipgod11from the very depths of my heart, from the very pit of my being because all I really am is a pit and an endless black hole, anyone who ever comes near me, all I ever do is swallow them alive, I am that hungry and that selfish that I do this, I try to love others and it all falls flat because there is no real love in me! If you are the REAL love Jesus, if you are the REAL DEAL then I wish to make a deal with you dear Jesus, please come into my heart and fill me up with your presence and with your Spirit and with Your Love and help me to truly enter into Your spiritual realities, the very spiritual realities that you brought to mankind both two thousand years ago and to this day. I am told that you can still be found in the spiritual realm.


Please Jesus, help me to cross spiritually into your world so I can become one with you, you in me and I in you and both of us together in One Spirit and in One Life. Prove to me this day Lord Jesus that You are REAL, prove this to me this day and I will be forever yours and you will be forever mine and we twain in this same sense will become One Spirit, One Life, and One Love and please Jesus, teach me to walk with you and talk with you and to find your spiritual presence in everything I do.


Please Jesus can you also reveal yourself to me through the book of John in the King James version of the bible, the KJV and the book of John I’ve heard is one of the closest to the truth books in the whole bible so please Jesus, if I read this book then will you fill me up with Your Spirit and help me to understand all the words that are written there. In the Name of the True and Living Jesus, still alive to this day Jesus, to this Jesus I pray to the True and Living Jesus and to the True and Loving Jesus, the Spiritual Jesus. Thank You Jesus!!!”

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