Looking for Love!


Simple Truth

Anyone who is looking for love should be looking for pure love because unless you are looking for pure love you’ll never find love. If this day and age could ever testify to what love isn’t then it would have to testify that love is not mechanical and it is not selfish, it’s not about gratification, it’s not about the me me generation that we now have, in fact, it is the very opposite to all of these, love is more about giving than receiving so you have to give love in order to get love so love finds those who seek it for others. So I suppose the first step anyone should take is to ask themselves: am I looking to give love or to get love? The answer to that is that you first have to draw nigh to love and then love will draw nigh to you!

The sad reality of the whole matter is that people ironically don’t want love because they don’t understand what or better said “Who Love Is”! The word “God” has become a buzzword these days but the true reality is that only God is Love! It’s as if love is all around us and all we have to do is tune into love, love is those moments when you make eye contact with another black-and-white-hd-couple-wallpaper1human being and you suddenly become connected to that other human being through that invisible high-voltage live-wire that you can feel in the air so as the old song says, “love is in the air.” These moments in life when you make eye contact with another human being and love flows through that moment are always memorable, we can all become the very embodiment of love and all we have to do is draw nigh to love and love will draw nigh to us but first you have to embody pure love. So how do you embody pure love? First you have to recognise Who love is and not what love is! Anyone who falls in love always falls in love with another person, this should give us all a clue that love is not a mere force and it’s not a distant God, we all need love that we can touch and so we can all be an embodiment of love and that’s how it was all meant to be from the very beginning. People might say: “Why would I want God, He’s a million miles away, I need a person I can see and hear and touch so what would I want God for? He’s none of these, He’s a million miles away someplace and He seems as hollow as the letter O that is in the very name of God!” But we have to realise that the same letter “O” is in the word “Love” and love isn’t so distant to people because everyone wants to fall in love. Falling in love is in some ways a kind of a humble thing to do because even the most towering and hard-hearted people fall in love, they come down from their image-w1280high lofty towers and from proud macho images and then they humbly like little children reach out their hands to another person and they are practically begging for love at that point so deep down we are all beggars for love because we get so hungry, so empty inside, and if we are to be honest then at that point we are no different than a beggar on the street so isn’t it wonderful to throw off all of our false fronts and all of our facades and everything we are not and at this point you could say it’s like totally stripping off the garb and the falsehoods of humanity and so we bear our naked souls to another human being, it’s not so much our naked bodies but it’s much much more our naked souls that we should be bearing to another human being.

Life these days is a sad sad love affair that all went sadly sadly wrong, from the very beginning here on this earth the first great commandment from Love Himself was to tell the whole world to fall in love, to all pair up and all fall in love! If we could just use our imaginations and go back in time and picture a whole world and every creature in it including us humans, all falling in love, then we would see what life was meant to be like, what we were all meant to be and what we all should be doing… and what we should all be doing is falling in love and not falling out of love with each other! Total freedom is total love and when people find that intimacy that they are looking for in another human being then what they are actually finding is total freedom and a total escape from all the madness and all the worries and all the fears and all the insecurities and all the false hopes and all the insanity and all the dreams and all the disillusionments and the frustrations, they all vanish and melt away and are even banished from your heart, mind & soul and we feel totally washed and cleansed of it all and are well rid of it all if but for that one moment in time or that one day in time or even those long nights in time when we fall in love and intimately embrace another human being, when two opposite poles pull together and you feel that true impulse of love and that electrical currant that flows through you and you feel well rid of the world out there, of all the chaotic money grabbing madness out there with all of its soulless crowds and endless treadmills and the rat-race society we all call living and all the smog in the air, isn’t it nice to say “to hell with it all!” and to get away from it all, to go to places that have more in common with love than the loveless world.man-in-crowd-raymond-zrike

People who fall in love go to beaches or they might go to restaurants where the atmosphere is more soft and caring and the music soothes rather than the music that has more in common with the drumbeats of hell and has no sensitivity whatsoever so what do we all want when we all fall in love? We want sensitivity and sensitivity can only come through humility that you can humbly say to another person, “I’m hungry! I’m starving! I only wear these clothes and this false front so I can go along to get along! It’s not the real me, it’s not how I really am, the real me is a beggar for love, the real you is a beggar for love, I’ll satisfy the need in you if you’ll satisfy the need in me! Let’s just throw off the garb of humanity, let’s throw off all of the false fronts and everything we simply are not and let’s venture into the secret places of our hearts and share each others troubles and cares and woes and reveal to each other our broken lives that yes, you might see this bigsadness_loneliness_longing_night_city_roof_railing_lighting_a_girl_desktop house or this big car and all of this money etc but the true reality is that in that big house and that big car is a broken person, is a broken heart, is a broken mind and a broken soul, who spends his or her days trying to put these broken pieces together and I keep looking for the pieces of the puzzle that I just can’t seem to find! It’s as if every time I think I’ve got the whole thing into perspective that I wake up in the morning and I find I’ve put the wrong pieces together and low and behold, there are still pieces missing that I just can’t seem to find no matter how hard I search and if I’m to be truly honest then it’s always love that is too often missing in all of these encounters with all of these other people, there is a vital ingredient that is missing in all and that vital ingredient is too often the lack of love!”

So how can we all rediscover love? How can we all discover the long lost love that throughout time got lost along the way? Love is merciful and so people do have moments in time where they fall in love and this you could say is the mercy of love that though lonely-man-homepeople distance themselves from the God of Love and will have nothing to do with Him because this would upset the balance of their relationships with other people if they brought the God of Love into the equation, they don’t wish to discredit themselves or deface themselves so people keep their distance from the God of Love, and Love, or in other words God, understands this, He knows that if people make mention of Him that it often blows others away and people turn away from them rather than go to them and so people fear if they mention God, they fear if they talk of God or if they dare to mention the tiny name of Jesus, the humiliating name of Jesus, they fear that they might lose face and so others will turn away from them and rather than find love, they fear they will lose it and so they leave the King of Love, Jesus Himself, out of the equation. Jesus is the mercy of Love, the mercy of God, and even though He Himself finds Himself left out of the love that He too needs from another human being, He Himself also being human, He understands the human need for love because He is still human to this day. Jesus is the Son of Love, the Son of God and He’s also the Son of man and so He understands the need that is both in God and in man and that great and painful need that is in all of us, all of us including God Himself and Jesus Himself is the greatest of all needs, the need to both love and to be loved in return. We all need to take love into our hearts, we all need to take the King of Love, Jesus Himself, into our hearts and from then onwards we all need to both love and to be loved by each other!

Love & romance

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