Wormwood, Propaganda, and False Light!

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It seems that the further back in time you go then the closer you get to the real truth. Some of these old time preachers really did have the truth, they understood that God’s words were like a lamp unto their feet and a light unto their paths and the further back you go also then the more people there were that had this lamp in their house. If you go back in time in England and America then you would find that most homes had a bible somewhere in their house so at least God’s words were there to refer to and if they needed a lamp to lighten their way then they could turn to the bible and even read it but these days of course are all different and a lot of preachers back then would have spoken of these days because they understood all too well what was written in the scriptures, they understood what was written in the book of Revelation when it talks of a great star when it said,

“…and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon a third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; and the name of the star is called wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.” (Revelation 8:10-11)


Many preachers in the old days interpreted the above verse as being literal though there are others who said that it is not so much literal but it is more symbolic than literal. They said that the great star that fell from heaven burning as it were a lamp is to be interpreted as being the fallen one, the fallen one is Lucifer! Lucifer you could say was a kind of a light bearer because he had the truth once and so in this sense you could say that Lucifer once held up the lamp of God’s Word but as most of us know Lucifer fell and so here he is in this verse falling from heaven and he in this same sense falls upon the third part of the rivers and upon the fountains of waters and in this verse he is no longer called Lucifer but instead he is called “Wormwood” and so a third part of the waters became wormwood. Wormwood means a bitter shrub or herb and so a third part of the waters became bitter and many men died of the waters because they were made bitter.142-013

The waters here symbolise information streams and learning fountains that people drink from such as schools, colleges, universities, newspaper outlets, media and news outlets on your TV or even on your computer, Internet, films, soap operas, magazines, advertising, story books, religion, history, politics, you name it, they are all information streams and streams of information come flooding out of them all and they’ve all become propaganda tools and therefore they have been made bitter with propaganda and it’s because men arepolluted-water drinking of these waters that they are dying. The kind of death this verse is talking about has to be largely viewed as being spiritual death though of course it can also be literal death so if we’re to look to God’s Word as being a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path then we should have the view that the waters and information outlets are laced with propaganda and are laced with poison and it’s dangerous to drink from them unguardedly. Anyone knows that if you drink of waters that aren’t pure then you might catch something and die and you also have to have the view that there is such a thing as spiritual death and spiritual poison.

The Devil’s words are often dead words and they will bring you into spiritual death or they are spiritually poisonous words and they might bring you into the light of a false doctrine and so the Devil is trying to be a false lamp unto people’s feet and a false light unto their paths and so he is through subtlety leading them all down the wrong ways, he is leading people to the broad way which leads unto destruction and he’s doing this without people altogether knowing that they are being led that way! So under the guise of entertaining people and teaching people and giving them the news he is feeding them propaganda and wolf-in-sheeps-clothing1therefore he is poisoning their souls against God! The Devil is the classic wolf in sheep’s clothing and here you could view him as the classic wolf in entertainment clothing so when you think you are being entertained then you are really being led astray by a wolf. What he does when he entertains you through the movies and stories etc. is get you to in a sense, suspend reality! We all know that life is tough and can be something of a battleground or a treadmill and so we choose sometimes to escape all of this by being entertained and so we put reality on the shelf over there somewhere, we suspend it, and then we might indulge ourselves in some kind of a fantasy world that someone else has dreamed up! The danger here is that you go to the movies lets say, and you watch the film unguardedly, you just love being entertained and so you switch off to reality and enjoy your fantasy ride and so you drink in the whole film and swallow every word unquestioningly! The same can be true of the news, again, you have a wolf in news clothing, we all feel that we have to keep up with the latest news or we may find ourselves out of touch with reality and so what do they do? They teach us false realities and false news under the guise of telling us the real news and what’s really going on in the world and the same is true of education because it’s the same wolf in educational clothing and our children are going to these school’s and colleges and universities and are drinking in every word! So under the guise of being taught Math, English, Geography, Languages, History etc. our children are being taught all the new norms, they are taught these days that the old ways don’t matter anymore, that in the new world male with male is normal, male and male raising children is normal, women going to work and not bringing up their own children is normal, the bible is for old fogeys and no longer counts and through lessons on evolution they teach that your great great grandfather was an ape, that God went out years ago with the pharaohs and science is the new truth and the new absolute!

79d193d3b1f0abe9ec11ebd7b3e3b7f9They even teach that family is a thing of the past and mothers shouldn’t stay at home, they should put their children into childcare even as early as they are born and certainly by the time they are two and the whole point in this is so that you don’t teach them at home, that you don’t teach them your ways! They don’t want your children learning from you anymore, they don’t want them learning your family traditions or learning of your culture and they certainly don’t want you teaching them all about God and His ways and that’s what they are really angling for here because a lot of these old time preachers would have taught that we should bring our children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and when they are old they will not depart from this true way but now children are brought up in the nurture and admonition of the world and so the waters have all been made bitter and have all been polluted by Wormwood or in other words, the Devil! He’s got his hooks into everything and everyone and he’s made the waters bitter and it’s now dangerous to drink from them, especially unguardedly.

In a lot of ways, we have to be like Moses in the old Testament, the children of Israel under Moses found themselves in a wilderness as many do these days, we all get thirsty and just like the children of Israel back then we might rush to the waters to get a drink when they appear. The children of Israel back then on one occasion ran to drink of some waters that were bitter and so they couldn’t drink of these waters so what did God tell Moses to do? He told him to throw a tree into those waters and when he did then the waters were made sweet and so now the children of Israel could drink from them and this is what we need to do these days. The tree here you could say symbolises God’s Word and should we find ourselves being entertained or watching or reading the news or perhaps a story book or seeking further education then we should do this guardedly with God’s Word in mind and then when they try to get us to drink their lies through being entertained or watching the news or being educated then we will be able to see through all of this more easily and we will see the wolf that is coming after us in even sheep-like clothing because he even does this through religion too! We all need to watch the news and we all like to be entertained at times and of course our children need an education and so by throwing in this tree of 635712058900086923-324390431_mommy-bibleGod’s Word you could say you are sifting or purging out the Devil’s lies with God’s truth, this leaving you pure waters to drink from and not lies. We should all have a bible back in our houses so that we can teach our children to do the same and not to just swallow everything they are taught. Of course it is often best to just switch these media outlets off and to drink from the pure Word of God and from the pure river of water and fountain of life. Jesus also said in the book of Revelation, “…let him that is a thirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. (Revelation 22:17)

river of life

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